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Exploring Top 5 Webnexs Alternatives to Build OTT Platform

Shivashish Published on : 14 June 2024
webnexs alternatives

Webnexs is an OTT platform provider that lets users build interactive OTT and streaming websites and applications. From live audio and video streaming solutions to making e-commerce websites, Webnexs has a huge portfolio of products and is not just video-centric.  

If we consider the mass scale at which video content is being produced and uploaded, an OTT customer should look for a better and more dedicated video software provider rather than a jack of all spades like Webnexs. We believe that good software is a boon in any OTT video business and in this blog, we are going to look at 5 Webnexs alternatives that are available in the market that offer a much better customer experience by being more exclusive and feature-rich in their offerings.


Why Should You Consider Webnexs Alternatives?

Webnexs as a platform has its own set of limitations because it is not a dedicated video streaming platform provider but also targets domains such as eCommerce. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Webnexs alternatives.

Feature Comparisons

Webnexs as we said before is not a dedicated video services platform. It has its products ranging from digital marketing services to e-commerce platforms and also offers freelancers for your various projects. Different platforms that we will be looking at a little later offer dedicated video platform-related software solutions. Video business is a very crucial business and having a dedicated software provider who has a forte in the domain gives access to more features, customization options, and most importantly, greater reliability.

Pricing Considerations

Pricing structures can significantly vary among platforms. Some alternatives to Webnexs might offer more competitive pricing, better value for the features included, or flexible payment options. This can be particularly important for startups or small businesses working with limited budgets. The base plan of Webnexs starts at US$ 199 per month and in the same or lower price tabs there are other options available.

Product Scalability

Businesses grow and pivot over time. What seems popular right now might not be relevant 5 years later. Dedicated OTT platform providers offer better scalability options for those moments when you plan to enter a different ecosystem like Roku, Apple Vision Pro, etc. Popular Webnexs alternatives such as Muvi One offer better deployment for new technologies for your OTT business.

Security & Reliability

Dedicated OTT software ensures top-notch security for your content storage as well as its streaming. A secure system delivers better reliability and hence builds trust from the customers. Security measures vary from platform to platform and an in-depth analysis must be done to ensure that you select the best Webnexs alternatives.

Migrate from Webnexs

Top 5 Webnexs Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Webnexs available that vary in pricing, features, and adaptability. Migrating to these platforms can be an initial challenge but we recommend that after a careful analysis, you select the right OTT streaming platform for your business. 

Muvi One

The first on the list is Muvi One, a fully functional feature-rich platform that lets you launch your very own OTT streaming service instantly across a wide range of apps and ecosystems. Muvi One is a no-code platform which means you do not need to write a single line of code to build your OTT platform and can simply make stunning and powerful websites like Netflix within minutes. Backed by Muvi, One can deliver excellent VOD and live streaming setups for entertainment, education, sports, and many other use cases instantly.

Key Features 

  • No code platform, and no technicalities involved.
  • Lightening fast CDN by AWS CloudFront to reach every corner of the world.
  • Dedicated content partner portal for those building YouTube-styled VOD platforms.
  • Wide range of OTT app development like Roku, Amazon FireTV, iOS, and more.
  • Multiple monetization deployment capabilities and bring your ad server option.
  • Upto 4k streaming on a fully customizable online video player.
  • Out-of-the-box video CMS for faster content uploads and management.
  • Built-in DRM and security certifications to ensure top-notch content security.
  • State-of-the-art visual designer to build powerful websites with 100+ features. 
  • Various pricing brackets to suit your budget and requirements.
  • One-stop solution for all video needs.
  • Secure and scalable platform with 24/7 support ensuring no interruption of services.


  • The feature-rich platform requires initial training to understand the vast list of feature deployment possibilities.


Plans start at US$ 399/month and include 1 app or website deployment, hosting, CDN, and more.


Dacast is an end-to-end live streaming and video solution that has over 10 years of experience in building quality OTT streaming platforms for its clients. It also builds white-labeled OTT platforms and its primary focus is all types of live-streaming capabilities offering customized branding and appearance for its client.


  • Multiple monetization tools such as AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, etc.
  • Zoom live streaming integration.
  • Video security deployment for enhanced video protection while streaming.
  • Mobile device streaming support
  • China video hosting is available
  • Real-time analytics


  • The user interface is difficult to navigate


Basic live streaming plans start at US$ 39/month


Vplayed OTT platform lets its users launch their fully functional OTT platform in just. It offers monetization flexibility and currently serves in 15+ countries. Developed by Contus, VPlayed offers a robust set of features including multi-DRM security, adaptive bitrate streaming, and monetization options like subscriptions, pay-per-view, and advertising.


  • Lifetime ownership of your platform.
  • On-premise/on-cloud deployments available.
  • 9+ monetization models to improve ROI.


  • Lack of quality documentation and resources


Contact sales

Vimeo OTT

One of the most popular OTT video platform providers, Vimeo offers a wide range of features to its subscribers to enhance and monetize their videos. A household name in the OTT landscape, it was established in 2004, much before OTT arrived for mass audience, Vimeo offers OTT and live streaming functionalities combining it with analytics and robust customer support.


  • Pay-as-you-go plans so no monthly subscription.
  • Built-in video editor.
  • Multiple Monetization support including AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD.
  • Live streaming with world-class CDN and auto archive support.


  • Does not support audio streaming.
  • Difficult to customize websites.


Pay-as-you-go pricing is applicable.


An OTT platform provider setup built for businesses, Brightcove is designed to align your goals of brand recognition, creating pipeline and effective communication creating a streaming cum strategy partner. Brightcove lets you engage your audiences, helps you sell more products, and monetizes your content all by strategizing the power of video.


  • Top-tier CDN for effective lag-free content delivery.
  • Multiple monetization capabilities.
  • Custom video player embedded landing pages.


  • High pricing for products


Contact the sales team. Not available on the website.


Choose Muvi: The Best Webnexs Alternative

Webnexs as a platform might run short in meeting your OTT streaming needs. You need a platform that can help you explore the infinite possibilities of video production, its monetization, and deployment. Muvi, with its wide range of products, can help you cater to all types of audiences. Here are a few products that you must have a look at before deciding which OTT platform to choose:

Muvi One

Our state-of-the-art, no-code OTT platform is for those looking to start any Netflix-styled OTT platform with features such as multiple monetizations, DRMs, 16+ ecosystem support, powerful analytics, and more. 

Muvi Live

If you are looking for a live streaming software that lets you broadcast your live streams at a commercial scale simultaneously on multiple platforms, you should try Muvi Live. It is a PAYG-based service meaning you only pay for what you use and offers multiple additional features.

Muvi Flex

Are you facing video hosting issues and not able to find the right platform for secure storage and fast delivery? Muvi Flex can solve all your hosting needs under one roof. From a dedicated CMS that creates multiple distributed playlists, social sharing features, and Player SDKs for multiple ecosystems, Flex does it all.

Muvi Playout

To people targeting the conventional streaming market, Muvi’s cloud playout software can give you access to linear TV and FAST channel business. Schedule programs with EPG and deliver HLS feeds to stream video and audio over a wide range of devices, Muvi Playout can help you build amazing Cloud TV and radio experiences.

Muvi Player SDK

Looking for a branded online video player for your business?

Muvi Player SDKs integrate video into any app or website of your choice. It supports all leading TV and mobile platforms and at the same time offers features such as versatile playback formats, adaptive bitrate streaming, closed captioning, and much more. Our SDKs are all you need to add a customizable video player anywhere you want.


With Muvi, building interactive OTT streaming solutions is easy and we also give a free 14-day trial with all our products.


There are many Webnexs alternatives that you can find in this blog. You can start with Muvi One, as it is one of the most efficient ways to build powerful OTT streaming platforms.

The competitors of Webnexs have scalable features that can be used to build better commercial OTT streaming platforms. Additionally, a lot of Webnexs alternatives provide better support and more customization options.

Written by: Shivashish

Shivashish works as a content writer at Muvi. He has worked in domains like e-commerce, employee engagement, sports and entertainment. A poet by heart, Shivashish believes in creating quality content that is rich in information and easy to understand.

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