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10 best OTT platforms for your videos in 2023

Shivashish Published on : 29 September 2023
OTT Platform

Consuming content just 20 years ago meant a boxy screen, a clumsy remote control, and a strict schedule to adhere to as determined by the service provider. However, thanks to the technology revolution, the entertainment landscape has been completely transformed with OTT platforms changing the way we consume entertainment giving us complete control over what we are watching, how we are watching, and when we are watching. 

Bypassing traditional TV architecture, OTT lets you stream content as your choice. It can be on a mobile device while traveling and then seamlessly shifting to a giant 85-inch television as soon as we get home. The acceptance of these streaming services has enabled many OTT platforms to emerge that produce and distribute films, TV shows, and live sports. With each passing year, the OTT landscape evolves, offering a cornucopia of options to cater to diverse tastes. As we step into the year 2023, the choices seem limitless, and the quality of content keeps reaching new heights. 

OTT streaming is a booming industry adding billions of dollars to the economy every year and the numbers are increasing exponentially.


Things to Consider While Choosing an OTT Platform for Videos

A decision as critical as choosing your OTT platform for your videos must be an extensively researched decision incorporating all the factors involved such as setup costs, content type, maintenance, multi-app support and much more. To ease up the process here are factors that must be considered while choosing an OTT platform.

Development & Architecture Cost

The development and architecture cost is one of the most significant factors that must align with your business and budget goals. We recommend that before making a purchase, you must carefully evaluate the pricing structure of the platform provider. Your requirements and the deliverables must align in order for your investment to be steady and ready for your content distribution strategy.

Scalability & Multi-Ecosystem Support

As your audience develops and your content library grows, scalability becomes increasingly important. Make sure the OTT platform can handle more users and content without sacrificing performance. Examine its compatibility with various ecosystems as well, including those on the web, mobile devices, smart TVs, and game consoles. You might be a beginner right now but as you progress, the platform must be capable of providing necessary upgrades.

Design Flexibility 

UI/UX is the most important factor determining the success of any online video business. Users today want a seamless streaming experience and all successful platforms are extremely tailored to meet these requirements. Hence, while selecting the OTT platform for your videos, always make sure that it offers multiple customizable templates, themes, and branding options to support brand aesthetics and messaging. Also, the simpler the designing process, the less the hassle. 

Data Security

The Internet today has become a hub of piracy with content being stolen every day. This results in copyright violations and not to mention, losses to everyone involved in the industry. Evaluate the OTT platform’s security features, including content encryption, access control, and digital rights management (DRM) capabilities. Robust security measures not only protect your content but also build trust with your audience.

Reliable Customer Support Infrastructure

Running an OTT video service is a dynamic process where everything happens in real-time. Just like every software, glitches and bugs sometimes creep in. It is therefore extremely important to have a robust customer support infrastructure that can minimize downtime and ensure a seamless viewing experience. 


Top 10 OTT Platforms for Your Videos

The internet is flooded with OTT platform providers who deliver OTT streaming websites and applications but which ones to trust? Here are the 12 best OTT platforms for your videos in 2023 that we have determined.

Muvi One

Muvi One is the industry-leading OTT platform and software provider, It boasts a complete range of OTT streaming products that any user might need to create their own Netflix-styled OTT platform consisting of applications across 16+ platforms and highly friendly pricing. If you wish to create your OTT platform and want to expand to Roku, Android TV, Apple TV and so much more, Muvi One is the right software provider for you.

With its iconic no-code setup, it eliminates the need for most of the IT team requirements, and it’s so simple that you can build your fully functional applications within minutes and start sharing them with your audience.

It does not matter whether you are looking for an eLearning platform, a platform with live streaming capabilities, church or religious live streaming, sports streaming, entertainment, or any other use case. Muvi One is customizable to suit the needs of every business. 



No Code Setup: No more coding pages after pages. Create powerful websites and applications within minutes with Muvi One’s unique no-code visual designer and CMS.

Completely white-labeled: Muvi does not take any share in your revenue nor does it leave any logo on the websites you create. Your Platform is completely your own white label video streaming website.

Multiple Monetization Support: Supports all major monetization support such as AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD.

HTML5 Based Player: A Powerful and customizable HTML5 player that can be embedded into any website you wish to capable of 4k streaming,

3rd Party Integration: Muvi One comes with integration features like Zapier integration that lets you connect to 2000+ apps instantly and also offers social media integration to all platforms.

Customer Support: Get 24/7 customer support for any issue during streaming. Muvi One also has documentation and help videos that can help you learn most of Muvi One’s functions.

Try Your Apps: Gone are the days when it took months to build applications. With Muvi One, you can build your fully functional Android application within minutes.

Content Security: Muvi One takes data protection very seriously. It is equipped with the latest Multi-DRM security, prevents screen recording of any kind, offers dynamic watermarking to the content, and much more.



Plans start at US$ 399 per month. 14-day free trial available.



A powerful video-on-demand and live-streaming website, Wowza is another OTT platform designed to build powerful and responsive websites. Coming with a suite of features, they offer several developer-friendly solutions to create video-on-demand websites. 


  • Easy to manage CMS
  • Fully integrated live recording
  • Flexible metadata addition for enhanced SEO
  • Supports virtual reality and 4k streaming



  • Limited monetization tools



Plans start as low as US$ 25 a month under pay-as-you-use pricing.


Brid. TV

Brid TV is an end-to-end video management and monetization solution for video publishing businesses. They embed their video player and offer a multi-role and multisite CMS system with easily deployable monetizations along with on-demand analytics.


  • Extensive monetization options.
  • Live streaming and DVR capabilities.
  • Customizable HTML5 Player



  • Does not offer multiple applications support and development



First month free and then US$ 49 a month


Vimeo OTT

A much more advanced OTT platform provider, unlike Bird. TV, Vimeo offers a wide range of features to its subscribers. Established in 2004, much before OTT arrived for mass audience, Vimeo offers OTT and live streaming functionalities combining it with analytics and robust customer support.


  • Pay-as-you-go plans so no monthly subscription
  • Built-in video editor
  • Multiple Monetization support including AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD
  • Live streaming with world-class CDN and auto archive support



  • Does not support audio streaming
  • Difficult to customize websites



Pay-as-you-go pricing is applicable



A professional video streaming service dedicated to hosting, monetizing, and broadcasting end-to-end live streaming to a global audience.  Ideal for live streamers who are beginning their career, Dacast offers secured video hosting and monetization. Its HTML5 player is all device enabled ensuring the type of device and ecosystem does not become a barrier.


  • White-label features for enhanced brand recognition
  • Full API access to integrate features



  • No Multi-currency support
  • Commission-based structure



Plans start at US$ 39/ month billed annually



Kaltura is an open-source OTT platform which means your developers can optimize it any way they want. A tailor-made solution built for education, it offers live webcasting and real-time conferencing along with its other offerings. It is highly customizable thanks to its open-source structure and supports multiple monetizations via integrations.


  • Extremely customizable and 3rd party integrations support
  • Well suited for broadcasters who are looking to live-stream
  • Pre-record content and stream it live again and again



  • A complicated platform that needs a lot of technical expertise



Pay-as-you-go pricing and a quote can be arranged by contacting the support team



An OTT platform provider setup built for businesses, Brightcove is designed to align your goals of brand recognition, creating pipeline and effective communication creating a streaming cum strategy partner. Brightcove lets you engage your audiences, helps you sell more products, and monetizes your content all by strategizing the power of video.


  • Top tier CDN for effective lag-free content delivery
  • Multiple monetization capabilities
  • Custom video player-embedded landing pages



  • High pricing for products



Contact the sales team. Not available on the website



Looking to build you OTT platforms along with several OTT apps to cater to a wider section audience. Uscreen can be a great choice thanks to its customizable pricing plans and branded high-quality mobile application. It also offers native integration capability with 3rd party applications such as Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and many more.


  • Multiple application development support for 6 streaming environments.
  • Single CMS to manage all the content
  • Customizable VOD templates with branding options



Limited design flexibility



Base plans start at US$ 149 a month


IBM Watson Media

IBM Watson Media is a collection of cloud-based software solutions provided by IBM for seamless live and on-demand content delivery. Streaming over 2 million live events, Watson Media is one of the leaders in the industry offering enterprise video streaming, content delivery network, OTT video management, and much more. 


  • Multi-device support that includes mobiles, tablets, PCs, and Smart TVs
  • Live chat option
  • White label features are not available with all plans
  • Built for businesses and lacks features required for the entertainment industry



Base plans start at US$ 129 a month



Another leading OTT platform provider, Vplayed’s 100 percent customizable solution comes with 500+ powerful streaming features that ensure a fully functional and responsive OTT platform creation. Catering to all types of audiences such as entertainment, broadcast, education, and much more, VPlayed boasts a long list of satisfied customers who are running their business on the platform.


  • Secured streaming with DRM and other industry-leading security measures deployed
  • Multiple monetization support
  • Access all apps and websites from a single CMS



No free trial to give a hands-on experience with the product


Contact the Sales team. Not available on the website


Why Muvi One & Conclusion


The list of OTT platform providers can be endless and if you are looking for a platform that has the best features of all of them at a reasonable price, get Muvi One a try today. Trusted by brands like Sony, Muvi One is your one-stop solution as it offers everything that you need under one roof or CMS. From advanced marketing integrations to analytics that give the right actionable insights, Muvi One delivers the best OTT experience across multiple platforms.


Get a free trial today. 



Just uploading the video is not enough. It has to be combined with the right technology for its reach and deployment over the globe and for that having the right platform is important.


Several factors such as audience reach, type of monetization, content privacy, distribution, SEO, data analytics and many more factors must be considered while choosing an OTT platform.

Muvi One supports AVOD, SVOD and TVOD monetizations. It also supports a hybrid version of all of these depending on the requirement of the content.


Analytics helps give value to your streaming data points and convert them into actionable insights that can deliver better decisions.

Written by: Shivashish

Shivashish works as a content writer at Muvi. He has worked in domains like e-commerce, employee engagement, sports and entertainment. A poet by heart, Shivashish believes in creating quality content that is rich in information and easy to understand.

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