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Disney Realizes Apps Are Cool, Finally

  We are on the brink of an online TV revolution. From opinions on OTT video services to apps, the talks have always been around TV content being pushed online for bigger audience reach. The latest major production label to realize this is Disney. Disney has already announced the launch of an OTT streaming app …

Only 6% Users Consume TV Content On The Second Screen

  Entertainment and device major TiVo has published a new study about OTT TV platforms that claims almost 99% TV viewers multitask occasionally while consuming TV content on the big screen. A major 53% do it almost every time they watch TV. However, only a minor 6% responded to have been using the second screen to consume …

For Cord Cutters, The ‘Winter Is Coming’

  Cord Cutting is a rage today. Not only because of the ‘cost cutting’ involved but also the unbundling it brings with it, allowing viewers to pay only for what they watch. But it appears the rosy days are over. As per a new TDG Research study, the percentage of adult broadband users on the brink …

AMC Backs Its Choking Strategy For Video Streamers

  AMC network top brass has reaffirmed its stand on the company policy of making original programming available to OTT VOD services only a year after the linear broadcast. This announcement comes at a time when SVOD services like Netflix and Hulu are facing severe criticism for bringing down television ratings and has led to …


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