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Tips For MSOs Getting Ready For An OTT Invasion 26 November 2015

Going ahead, as the content and features offered by OTT providers become more compelling and as overall consumer awareness of OTT increases.

Comcast Has Managed To Pull Off A Screamer Against Net Neutrality 23 November 2015

With the launch of its new streaming service ‘Stream TV’, Comcast has inexplicably found a loophole in the new Net Neutrality regulations and will stop at nothing to exploit it.

TV Ads Migrating To Smartphones Now 20 November 2015

This announcement of sorts comes from Millennial Media, the mobile advertising network bought recently by AOL.

OTT Streaming Devices Register 157% Growth In Views, Finds FreeWheel Report 20 November 2015

The Q3 Video Monetization Report from FreeWheel is out and its numbers will look very encouraging to streaming devices manufacturers!

Hulu’s Reinvention Of Itself Is A Lesson For All Streaming Services 19 November 2015

This crafty reinvention of Hulu by Hulu itself is a must learn for everyone in the streaming business.

TV Content Re-broadcast On Web Issue Hung Up To Dry By The Court 16 November 2015

The OTT platform called Aereo has long been placed in the memoirs now. Its successor FilmOn however refused to put arms down in its dispute with the TV industry over TV content re-broadcast. Recently, FilmOn found itself in the wrong side of the court rulings and stood defeated. The presiding US District Judge Rosemary Collyer found that …

3% Subscribers Gave Up Their OTT Video Services In UK In Last 12 Months 13 November 2015

As per a new Parks Associates study, about 3% of English broadband households gave up their OTT video services in the past 12 months. The study reports that that the cancellation figure compares to 33% of the broadband households that are subscribed to an OTT service like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Compared to the United …

Disney Realizes Apps Are Cool, Finally 09 November 2015

  We are on the brink of an online TV revolution. From opinions on OTT video services to apps, the talks have always been around TV content being pushed online for bigger audience reach. The latest major production label to realize this is Disney. Disney has already announced the launch of an OTT streaming app …

Only 6% Users Consume TV Content On The Second Screen 09 November 2015

  Entertainment and device major TiVo has published a new study about OTT TV platforms that claims almost 99% TV viewers multitask occasionally while consuming TV content on the big screen. A major 53% do it almost every time they watch TV. However, only a minor 6% responded to have been using the second screen to consume …

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