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Say HELLO to the Fastest Deployable Multi-Screen OTT Platform in the World!


Muvi is the fastest deployable Multi-Screen OTT Platform in the world. When you chose Muvi, you get a guarantee that your Web, Mobile and TV Apps that you pick will be deployed in record time, or else you get 3 months Platform fee waived off. Guaranteed.

When you pick Muvi as your OTT platform provider, Muvi provides you with a website, iOS & Android Mobile Apps, as well as Apps for Media Boxes like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV Ecosystems. Along with this you also get a guarantee that all these apps will be deployed in record time, faster than any other provider in the world, allowing you to not just launch but take on a market leading leap when it comes to "time-to-market" against your competition.

Standard multi-platform streaming providers take anywhere between a couple of weeks to a few months to build and deploy apps for you, however Muvi Guarantees you that this will be deployed instantly!


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Fastest Deployable Multiscreen Video Platform!


Muvi is the fastest deployable multi-screen video platform in the market. No matter how big or small is your requirement, from single video or audio files to an entire library that rivals the size of Netflix or Spotify. Muvi can take care of it all and help you deploy a full featured Website and Apps for Mobile & TV in record time, that include things like Content Library, User Management, Payment Gateway, In-App Payments & Monetization Modules, Worldwide Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual support, and a ton of user related features like Playlists, resume playback on any device, push notifications, personalizations etc...

No other platform or service provider can do this at the timeframe which Muvi commits to you, with all the features, at mass scale, worldwide coverage, and at NO UPFRONT COST!

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Website in under 5 seconds!


Yes, with Muvi you can have a full featured (multi-platform streaming) Video or Audio Streaming Website deployed in under 5 seconds! Muvi takes care of it all in the backend, you simply signup and start uploading your content and hit go-live, that's it. No Coding. No IT Teams. No 3rd Parties.

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Native Mobile/TV Apps in 1-Day

With Muvi you can deploy your own Native Apps for Mobile & TV ecosystems like iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung Tizen (Smart TV), LG WebOS (Smart TV), Android TV in 1-day flat! All the apps are 100% native, feature rich, support Video/Audio streaming, in-app monetization and are published on the app stores under your own developer id and name! Just like the website, Muvi takes care of it all, from development, hosting, publishing to maintenance so that you do not have to worry about a single thing. You simply upload and manage your content and let Muvi worry about all the technical headaches.

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FAQ Section


How fast can my website & Apps be deployed?

Muvi can deploy a website for you in under 5 seconds and native apps in under 1-day!


What if Muvi fails to do so?

If Muvi fails to deliver, we will provide you 1 year of Muvi Standard Subscription for Free.


How can you claim to be the fastest?

Muvi has done various comparisions, market study and it's own research that allows it to back it's claim of being the fastest in the market.


What does “fastest” really mean?

Muvi is the fastest to Launch. Using Muvi you can launch a Video or Audio streaming website or apps in the fastest way possible, No Coding. No IT Teams.

What if I have customizations?

No. This claim is obviously for the default setup and templates. If you do customizations, it will take time based on your customizations.


What if I find Muvi not to be the fastest?

Muvi will give 1 year free subscription to Muvi Standard Plan.


How do I report if I find another product to be faster?

Email to describing how they are faster, tell us how you compared, we will reply right back.


Who uses Muvi?

We have companies and studios from Hollywood, Bollywood, Telecom Operators from USA and UK, Broadcasters from Europe and India using Muvi!