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If you have just figured out that you are losing out on a huge customer base that uses Samsung Smart TVs for streaming content, Well, breathe a sigh of relief! Muvi covers you just the way it did with Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV customers.

Set your foot on Tizen ecosystem and offer your customers seamless video streaming experience with Muvi’s instantly deployable Samsung TV apps. Launching your own app on the Samsung TV platform or designing your own white labeled, customizable app with preferred monetization options, all possible with Muvi! Your Samsung TV app is slick, easy to use, and highly customizable, just the way you wanted!


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  • Native App
  • Muvi Onyx Support
  • Instant Launch
  • Fully Managed
  • White-labelled App
  • Feature-rich
  • Maintenance & Upgrade
  • Analytics & Reports
  • One CMS

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Native App

Muvi builds your Tizen app right from the ground up, absolutely Native, taking into account all of Samsung’s defined programming standards. Since your Tizen app is built from scratch, it takes care of all your custom needs and is personalized according to your specific business model. And guess the best part? Your app is deployed to the Tizen store just in under 2 working days! So, just get, set & Go!

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Onyx app (patent-pending), an innovative invention from Muvi, delivers a near deployment quality working preview of your native Samsung/ Roku mobile/TV app instantly. Upload content, stream, test streaming quality, experiment with the CMS; do it all with Onyx just as you would do with your original app.

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Launch Instantly!

Launch your Samsung TV app on our exclusive template designed specifically for the Tizen ecosystem. Adhering to the new design guidelines and latest features, the app ensures a superior user experience sans any UI hassles. Just sign up and sit back! From smoother app management to aesthetics surrounding your brand, we take care of everything!

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White Label App

Nothing should be more satisfying for you than to flash your logo and position your brand across all its offerings. Muvi understands that more than anyone else. We provide you with a completely white labeled, robust platform that is compatible with your IT setup with your brand shining everywhere - the App store, Website, Watermarking etc. Your service. Your brand. Your identity.

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Explore Muvi’s feature-rich Tizen app that incorporates all the necessary features required for a hassle-free streaming. Easy navigation, smoother surfing across channels, easy content searching, bookmarking and many more. Let your customers enjoy their favorite content in their preferred language right from their couch using a remote.

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Includes Maintenance & Upgrades

By partnering with Muvi, you leave your platform’s regular maintenance and timely upgrade part to us from Day 1. While theme selection, customization, designs etc. remain your call, we take care of timely app updates and back-end support. Whenever there is a new Tizen OS update available, it gets updated automatically. No notification required. No permission requested.

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Analytics & Reports

Change is the only constant in the media and broadcasting industry. So, Muvi brings you an in-depth analysis and detailed reports of the performance and behavior of your app. Stay aware of the different content consumption habit on the digital ecosystem and redesign your content catalog whenever required, anytime you want. Strategizing video business was never so easy!

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One CMS drives all Apps

With Muvi’s powerful CMS, it is absolutely easy to manage all your Apps and content in a single CMS, without worrying about multiple logins and multiple dashboards management. You can manage multi-format content across audio, video, physical goods all at a single unified place.

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