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Muvi Flex lets digital marketing agencies store the marketing video/audio content and embed or publish them easily on websites and mobile apps.

People nowadays are spending more time watching videos. Almost 82% of all internet traffic is spent on videos. A website with just text and images will not consume a heavy load from your website servers. However, if you want to get more leads and engage large customers, you should consider other marketing options as well. One of them is creating marketing video and audio and for which you will need efficient content storage and management platform.

As a digital marketing agency, you must choose the best video/audio content management platform. Stepping into video and audio marketing will get you more leads, and, in turn, more customers in the long run. An ideal video/audio CMS for a digital marketing company must offer an option to upload video and audio, customize the player, provide the best streaming experience for customers, and let you analyze the performance of your content.

Muvi Flex offers all the features discussed above, and there’s much more.


  • Improve Your Client’s Brand Image
  • Generate More Leads for Yourself and Your Clients
  • Explore Audio Marketing
  • Publish Content on Social Media
  • Measure Content Performance

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Improve Your Client’s Brand Image

Video marketing plays a crucial role in marketing, and videos create a good impression about companies. With Muvi Flex, you can store and manage all your marketing content and embed them directly into the websites and mobile apps of your clients. You can also customize the video player by displaying your client’s logo.

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detailed analytics for OTT platform


Generate More Leads for Yourself and Your Clients

The more prospective leads that you generate, the more customers you will get. Prospective leads are those spending more time on your and your client’s websites and thinking whether to proceed further or not. Keep them engaged with your marketing videos and let them understand the benefits of signing up. As all the videos you add to your library are encoded and transcoded into multiple resolution formats, the end-users will stream the videos in a resolution that best suits their network connectivity and speed.

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Explore Audio Marketing

Muvi Flex lets you store, manage, and share audio from the CMS portal. Create on-demand audio for marketing purposes and reach a wider audience with the help of podcasts. The number of users listening to podcasts has increased considerably in recent years, and it’s time for you to grab the attention of those types of users, too. You can just record marketing audios related to your client’s business or do some podcasts with industry experts to create an audio library for your clients.

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 Video analytics and Bandwidth Stats


Publish Content on Social Media

Marketing comprises multiple forms or options. You cannot simply rely on one form of marketing. With people spending most of their time on social media, you should also consider marketing in it too. With Muvi Flex, it has become much easier to publish content on social media platforms. You can easily publish content on the social media handles of your clients directly from the CMS portal. Also, you will be able to get performance insights into the content, which will give you more clarity about users.

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Measure Content Performance

Muvi Flex helps you track and analyze the performance of each content that you have embedded into your client websites. When you have the complete performance data, you can better analyze the audience and make quick decisions. With the analytics and reports, you will get the data based on device, user behavior, user attention span, drop-off rates, and user viewing habits. With these metrics, you can easily optimize the quality of your content based on these metrics.

count user views on OTT platforms

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