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India accounts for the highest online content consumption

India is set to welcome more and more international online content providers and OTT platforms. According to study, India is the largest online content consumption market at a whopping 12.3 hours per week followed by Philippines and Thailand. Japan, however, consumes the least at 6.2 hours per week.

The study takes several viewing habits into account such as hours spent online, devices used to watch content, preferred OTT platforms, preferred content genres, etc. Among other interesting findings, Indians (44%) and Thai (45%) watch online content via smartphone and 70 % of them say the video and audio quality is of utmost importance to them followed by fast startup time (56%). About 50 percent of Japanese viewers prefer OTT services through non-mobile devices.

Other country-specific findings are that users in Australia watch online content across three sites on an average,73% of users in Indonesia don’t like to pay for subscription-based content, and 45% of users in Thailand avail online content through a smartphone.

The survey which was carried out among 850 million users reflects that there is an increased demand for local OTT players across these countries.


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