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Moving On From Traditional Video Advertisement

Roshan Dwivedi Published on : 10 June 2015

Digital advertising metrics and models like CPM and CPC have dictated the statistics for video advertising industry for years now. But is there something more the video streaming needs today? Time to move on, maybe?

Video streaming icon Youtube has been operating on the CPM metric based advertising platform, selling out content inventories for a fixed price; CPMs and eCPMs. CPM based Ads models are dynamic and the pricing is quite dependent on the audience it’s being pitched to. But the downside is that a digital video ad on Youtube, costing you at, say $10 approx. may not be the kind of offer you will love for all your content. Your best and somehow not so best content both get ad-pitched at the same price. It’d be prudent to state that your premium content underperforms in terms of value for advertisers.

What if a content owner broadcasted through a platform that integrated with all kind of Ad servers, giving them the complete freedom to deploy their own Ads, set their own pricing terms and reaching out to just the kind of customers they wanted to?

If that happens, what would this new style of advertising bring to the table for the content owners?

  1. Sell videos, not the inventory: Now sell just the kind of videos you like instead of putting up the entire inventory for ad-sales. Gives you more freedom to choose the right kind of ads to go with the right kind of content.
  2. Find your target audience: Millenials and the elders have different tastes when it comes to consuming video online. Now tailor your ad campaign to pitch it to the right kind of audience.
  3. Go multiplatform with your ads: Utilize analytics to find out what devices consume what kind of content and pitch just the right duration of an Ad.
  4. Sell your videos yourself: All this time, you had your videos sold by someone else and you had no choice. Now you have it. Employ your best men to sell your content and innovate with your own strategy.
  5. Direct access to Ad servers: Integration with ad servers right from your platform. Now choose the ad network you want, choose the exact kind of video ad (pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll), the pricing per ad and the target audience.

With conversion-based pricing is sure to gain wider adoption in the future, scaling will become less of an problem as predictive algorithms improve. Let’s for example, look at TV ad placement in some popular TV series.

India's-Got-Talent From-Glory-Days-logo-w-GLCF

Not just is the advertisement subtle, but also focuses on the content, rather than trying to overwhelm you the same way it would do with a less rated TV show. It’s high time to let go of the CPM/CPC driven models and adopt the TV style advertisements. Taking up sponsorship contracts, presenting sponsorships and clinical in-content ad placements are what drove TV’s advertisement wagon successfully for years. It’s being done online now e.g. All India Bakchod, standup comedienne quartet, being sponsored by for their webipsodes or TVF’s critically acclaimed web-sitcom Permanent Roommates getting the goodness from CommonFloor are the beginning of the TV-styled advertisements in the online video industry.

In days to come, this may emerge as the leading model for video advertisements globally. The dominant metrics like CPMs will have to make space for more content & context oriented video advertising that’s less disruptive and more targeted. Soon, advertisers will make up their minds that it’s a better deal paying a value for being associated with brands or good content rather than paying for impressions. In a nutshell, we can expect a ‘time slot’ like ad-placement to drive online video’s revenues in the future not far away.

With Muvi Studio’s compact VoD platform, you now have unparalleled access over your ad-placements. Now choose the right kinds of ads to be placed on your premium, freemium and free content and earn through AVoD, TVoD, SVoD and hybrid revenue models. The Muvi Studio platform comes bundled with an in-built analytics component to help you zero in on your target audience and platform for better ad placements. The platform integrates seamlessly with any Ad server out there, giving you full freedom to sell your videos in the most creative manner with a sales team of your choice, instead of handing it over to third party operators.

Choose Muvi Studio today and give your video content and ad campaign the tactical edge.

With Muvi Studio, the growth story never halts, never stops.


Written by: Roshan Dwivedi

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