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Pay TV providers adopting new ways to meet increasing OTT demand 27 October 2017

According to a survey conducted by Amdocs, a global software a, d services provider, Pay TV providers are responding to market trends by adopting new ways to expand their offerings.

The survey reveals that 82 % of Pay TV providers recognize that consumers are increasingly expressing a preference for on-demand content in a rapid shift from linear TV programming towards video-on-demand.

Facing tough competition by OTT streaming players such as Netflix, Pay TV providers are  partnering with third-party content providers to explore and implement new revenue generation models such as revenue sharing, pay-per-use mobile access and ad-supported content to non-subscribers, etc.

65 percent of the survey respondents believe that targeted advertisements will be the key revenue driver in the next 3-5 years because subscription fees are becoming insufficient to support new content acquisition.

Daniela Perlmutter, Head of product and solution marketing at Amdocs, stated, “TV content viewing no longer takes place on TV screens alone. People across the globe are consuming on-demand content on the devices of their choice and they demand more personalised experiences”.

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