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Spanish audience move towards pay-video 22 May 2017

Spaniards move to pay-video

According to a report from “The Cocktail Analysis and Telefónica”, more than half of Spanish internet users subscribe to pay-TV or (over-the-top) OTT platforms. Increasingly Spaniards are finding OTT and pay-TV more attractive than linear, free-to-air (FTA) TV. Only 53% of Internet users have FTA as their first audio-visual entertainment option, even though it leads the rankings for audience and viewing time. The report further suggests that 51% of connected homes also have a pay-TV or OTT subscription, or both. Netflix, HBO and Wuaki are some VOD (video-on-demand) platforms that are already subscribed to by 25% of internet users whereas 16% of them pay for an OTT plus a traditional cable or IPTV service. Exclusive access to high-value content (especially series) on a cheap subscription basis is being provided with OTTs although IPTV options have their strength in quad-play and added-value services. The report figures were gathered through a survey and they are like a report from telecom authority, CNMC that points out to an increase in convergent options over the past two years. Read more

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