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SVOD Service based on Horror launches in Latin America 18 August 2017

The new niche SVOD service called Purga focused on horror movies and series is going to debut in Latin America (except in Brazil) during the Macaboro Film Festival to be held from August 16-27 in Mexico. The first Purga subscribers will be concentrated in Mexico because of its alliance with Macabro which is going to be the content curator. Purga will include 50 highly selected titles to start with, will end with 100 titles and next year will add between 200 and 300 titles.

However, the number is not important but how movies are added is important. LATAM content will account for 5%, the rest will be European, Asian, North American movies but no Hollywood content. Blockbusters that are already known and are available in all networks are not preferred by people subscribing to this service. It will be priced at MX $129 ($7.3) which is what would cost you if you were to buy two movie tickets in Mexico. Content will be offered at a promotional price of MX$129 which are to have a generalized promotion.

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