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Thailand’s NBTC seeks to set OTT industry standards 31 May 2017

US Gains in SVOD and TVOD

The top 100 content providers for over-the-top (OTT) service platforms are likely to be put on a control list as officials work towards establishing industry standards. Content providers on OTT platforms like Facebook and YouTube, that have more than 1 million followers or subscriptions are categorized as the top 100 accounts. As per a regulatory policy by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications (NBTC), measures will be implemented on the local OTT market so as to restrict internet content that is hard to regulate. A regulatory framework will be formed that will govern streaming video-on-demand services on OTT platforms. Over the next two weeks there will be more clarity on the regulatory framework for OTT and it will be implemented in August this year. A forum for all OTT-related parties was held last month.

Col Natee, chairman of NBTC’s broadcasting committee said that OTT is clearly categorized by the subcommittee that was formed to determine regulatory policy, as a TV broadcasting service that does not use frequencies, similar to existing cable TV and satellite TV services. Earlier, NBTC’s advisory company reported that OTT services are divided into two types: free platform (advertising-driven) and paid platform (monthly payment and pay-on-demand).
The free OTT platform includes Live streaming TV, YouTube and some digital TV channels that broadcast their programmes via OTT services like Channels 3,7,8 and the Workpoint channel. Paid OTT platforms include Netflix, Iflix, Hollywood HDTV, PrimeTime, AIS Play and TrueVisions Anywhere.

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