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Viewer loyalty impacted by video streaming quality 22 June 2017

Viewer loyalty impacted by Video Streaming Quality

The quality of video resolution and playback affects viewer’s involvement with and loyalty to OTT video streaming services according to a new research from Akamai Technologies.

These findings emphasize how important it is to offer consistent, high-quality video for any OTT business model. Sensum, which is a third-party research firm conducted a study that suggests that viewers are put off by storylines that are emotive and have negative reactions to technical glitches like low-quality streaming instances like buffering irrespective of the brand or interest in the content.

As per the research, negative emotions increase 16 % whereas engagement decreases nearly 20% as a result of poor experiences. According to 76% of participants, issues like buffering acted as a deterrent for using the service in case such issues occurred several times.

Some other findings from the research:

Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) brands lost the maximum engagement due to buffering and transactional video-on-demand (TVoD) brands lost most due to low-quality experiences.
Emotional storylines offered with high-resolution video content improve viewer engagement by more than 10%.

Some other interesting findings from the study:

Happiness drops 14% when buffering begins
Negative emotions (disgust and sadness) increase by an average of 8%
Surprise feelings increase by 27%
Attention drops by 3% and focus decreases by 8% Read More

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