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Virtual Service Providers providing OTT content changing the US video landscape 29 June 2017


According to market research firm Kagan, streamed bundles, online subscription services, self-aggregation and over-the-air delivery play extremely prominent roles in the US video landscape.

Some stats from the research firm on the US video industry:
Traditional multichannel subscriptions in the US are to fall to 82.3 million by 2021, a decline of 10.8 million in a 5-year duration.

According to Kagan, even though households with a traditional multichannel subscription are still expected to be in the majority in the five-year US video streaming household habits outlook, there seems to be an upward momentum with alternative services.

The tally for non-multichannel is on its way to exceeding a quarter of occupied households in 2017 and reach a high of one-third by 2021.

Virtual services in the niche category pioneered by Dish TV’s SlingTV and Playstation Vue are also set to become mainstream for almost 11 million households, according to the researchers. Read More

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