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With Muvi, you can embark on the journey of creating your own Online Educational platform, similar to Masterclass. Muvi is a comprehensive platform that provides the necessary tools and features to launch and manage your Online Educational website and mobile app. Muvi allows you to create and structure your courses easily. You can define course lessons, quizzes, and assessments, and organize them into logical sequences.

Design & Customize your platform, like Masterclass


Customize your Online Educational platform to reflect your brand identity using Muvi’s pre-built templates and customization options. Incorporate your logo, color scheme, and brand elements throughout the platform. Ensure a consistent and visually appealing design that resonates with your target audience. MasterClass provides a diverse range of courses covering topics such as cooking, writing, filmmaking, photography, music, sports, business, science, and more. Each course typically consists of pre-recorded video lessons, downloadable materials, and occasionally, interactive assignments.

Emphasize learning-related imagery, vibrant colors, and a layout that highlights on-demand courses, live lessons, and featured content. Make it easy for users to navigate and discover content quickly.




Stunning Templates

Beautiful visual templates to take your audio streaming platform to the next level.

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Visual Designer

Customize our pre-built templates and build what you desire in just a few steps with easy drag and drop options.

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It's time to start.

It's time to start.

Embark on the journey of creating your own audiobook & podcast service, similar to Audible

End-to end OTT Infrastructure to launch a fully featured Website & Mobile App like Masterclass

By utilizing Muvi's features and capabilities, you can launch an Online Educational platform like Masterclass, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly online learning experience. Adapt and customize these features to cater to your specific target audience, niche, and educational goals. Like Masterclass, implement progress tracking features that allow learners to track their course completion and achievements. Provide completion certificates for learners who finish courses successfully. Utilize Muvi's tracking and reporting tools to gather data on learner progress and generate certificates automatically.

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Course Management

Implement a course creation workflow that allows instructors to easily upload course materials, including videos, presentations, quizzes, and assignments.

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Live & On-Demand Classes

Set up course content as Live Training or pre-recorded self-paced training videos. Conduct live lectures and record them to offer as on-demand courses.

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User Engagement

Implement discussion forums, Q&A sections, and course reviews to facilitate communication and foster a sense of community.

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Course Recommendations

Leverage Muvi's recommendation engine capabilities to suggest relevant courses to learners.

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Multi-format Course Materials

Deliver videos, audio files, PDFs, and other documents, and support a variety of multimedia formats.

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Multiple Subtitles and Languages

Muvi allows you to add multi-audio videos and subtitles, so you can offer courses that appeal to global students.

Incredible streaming experience delivered on every screen

  • 16+ Ecosystems
  • Native mobile & TV OTT apps
  • No code
  • White-labeled
  • 1-Click deployment
Incredible streaming

Launch OTT apps across 16+ platforms


Power multiscreen L&D experiences for online education, professional training and certification programs.

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