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Muvi Server

Build your own Web, Mobile & TV Apps, powered by Muvi’s Video Streaming Server

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Bring your videos to life and build your own Web, Mobile and TV Apps using Muvi’s Video Streaming Servers & Technology. Let Muvi do the heavy lifting like storing, transcoding, processing, encrypting and securely delivering your videos to your apps via Muvi's HTML5 Online Video Player, while you focus on building awesome platform features.

Muvi’s media streaming server & software offering includes Storage & hosting of your videos, Meta-data management, Transcoding, Security, Encryption, HTML5 Online Video Player, DRM and the player is embeddable to your websites and apps that you build at your end like Mobile (iOS, Android) & TV (Android TV, Roku, Apple TV etc). With Muvi’s video stream server, you get access to Muvi’s APIs that help you build your own website and apps on top of Muvi’s VOD server or live streaming server

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  • Build unlimited Apps across Web, Mobile & TV
  • Request for optional SDKs
  • Best in class Infrastructure
  • Includes Transcoding
  • API access and Embed Player
  • World's leading HTML5 Video Player

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Streaming Infrastructure

Muvi’s video on demand server includes the complete video streaming infrastructure required by you to build your own website and apps, from IT Infrastructure like video storage, hosting & CDN to video CMS and Online Video Player and transcoding engine, it includes everything! Muvi’s APIs help you build your own custom apps and website.

You can use APIs to push video & metadata to Muvi’s video streaming servers or login and add/upload the same using our Video CMS, and use the auto generated embed code to insert the HTML5 based Online Video Player on your applications (Web, Mobile or TV)5 Online Video Player, accept in-player payment for SVOD and TVOD models, Video Ads and Video Ad server integration, Embed code restrictions by domain.

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Build your own Apps

Muvi’s video streaming server software lets you create your own apps across Web, Mobile and TV. Muvi's HTML5 based online video player is compatible with all browsers and platforms like Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV etc, which allows developers to use the embed code option and insert the video player straight across their apps built for any platforms and deliver stunning HD quality videos instantly!

Developers can use embed code, optional available SDK and APIs to integrate and build apps from a wide variety of applications from Social Networks to e-Learning and look at accepting end users video to delivering peer to peer videos as well to them.

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Powerful Online Video Player

Muvi has the most powerful and secure online video player you will find in the market today that includes security features like encryption, watermarking and DRM for enhanced security and protection of your content. What's more, the online video player comes in-build with features like Subtitle, Auto Bit-Rate Management, In-Player Payments (SVOD & TVOD), Video Ads Support AVOD (Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll), Embed code restrictions (restrict by domain), Web, Mobile and TV Compatibility, etc.. making it one of the most feature rich and most powerful video player in the market today.
The player can be branded with the client’s own logo and a client can use our APIs and BYOD guide to customize the look and feel of the player as per their brand guidelines.

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Muvi’s APIs lets you communicate with Muvi’s video on demand server & live streaming server to push information e.g. video files and metadata for transcoding and processing, and get the embed code in response once the same is done, all without having to login to the Muvi CMS and do this manually.

Send video info like meta-data, upload videos, send / receive user information, as well as request the Video Player's embed code seamlessly using Muvi’s clean and well written APIs.

The optional use of Muvi’s SDK further allows you to build stunning apps and insert Muvi’s video handling capabilities seamlessly into your app. With Muvi’s SDK you can have the integration of the video workflow within your app itself, and be able to send and receive the data, videos and other information instantly without any lags.

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Video Ads

Start earning revenues from Video Advertising by enabling ads onto your videos. Muvi supports Ad-Server Integration and Video Ads on it's Embed Player, an option that you will use to insert videos onto your website or app while using Muvi Server configuration.

Embed Player - Video Ads

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