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How Muvi’s Notification Engine Konviare Can be Used in the E-commerce Sector?

Ishita Banik Published on : 22 June 2021
Notification engine Konviare


Konviare– Muvi’s notification management system has captured the users’ attention since the day of its launch owing to its exclusive feature-rich solutions such as triggering & managing notifications from a single dashboard, multi-channel engagement, user management, and many more! 

Here is a quick peek into how the e-commerce industry can use Konviare to its benefit-

Konviare provides a compact solution for notification creation and management on the e-commerce platforms including-

  • Multi-channel notifications from a single dashboard
  • Optimum scalability
  • Flexible integration as per the type of e-commerce business 
  • Unlimited customization options without needing to code

These features will enable you to-

1. Be Where your Customers are

Every e-commerce platform needs to find and acquire new customers on a regular basis. And Konviare can help you find and connect your customers through their preferred communication channels.

Use Case: The e-commerce business owner John is re-targeting the audience of age group 16 to 28 years who have recently bought goods from his website and based on the analysis are more active on WhatsApp than any other channel. So, Konviare lets John send notifications to the audience through WhatsApp for better user engagement. Similarly, John can reach out to the audience through emails, SMS etc.

2. Trigger Notifications

The success of your e-commerce journey often lies in converting the passive customers into active ones. With Konviare, you can send multi-channel event-based notifications for abandoned carts, wishlisted products, payment failure etc. to increase the number of active shoppers. And it’s just a matter of a few minutes to create triggers for such notifications through our easy-to-use APIs!

Use Case: Konviare customer Nicola has an e-commerce website and she wants to notify the end-users about the failed payments through SMS. Nicola just logs in to the dashboard of Konviare and creates the trigger in a few minutes to send notification through SMS for this specific event! As a result, every end-user will be notified through SMS in case of a payment failure.

3. Integrate Third Party Solutions

Does your e-commerce platform have email management solutions like Sendgrid, Hubspot, or Mailchimp? If yes, then also you don’t need to take any stress to integrate Konviare as it is easily integrable with any third party solution!

Use Case: Neil is using Sendgrid for his e-commerce store and wants to integrate Konviare too. He can easily go ahead without facing any difficulties.

4. Trigger New Stock Alerts

In e-commerce stores, customers often remain unaware regarding the new arrivals. But Konviare will take care of this as well! You can implement new stock alerts for the wishlisted products of your customers. So that your customers can get instant notifications as soon as the products come in stock! 

Use Case: Smith is a Konviare customer who has an e-commerce store. Smith has triggered new stock SMS alerts for the wishlisted products of the end-users. End-user Elie has added some shoes in his wishlist. Now, as soon as the products will come in stock, he will get instantly notified through SMS!

5. Notify About Flash Sales

Flash sales are highly popular among the customers and one of the best strategies to increase sales in a short span of time. With Konviare, you can instantly notify your customers about the upcoming or ongoing flash sales through email, WhatsApp, or SMS. In this way there will not be a chance of missing any potential customer for the limited-time offers! 

Use Case: Dev has started flash sale on his online gadget store for just three hours to increase sales. He can instantly notify about it to all his customers through the Konviare dashboard and utilize the flash sale fully!

6. Send Abandoned Cart Reminders

Sometimes customers forget to buy products after adding them to carts. And a timely notification can make them purchase those products right away! For Konviare customers, it’s a matter of a few minutes now to trigger notifications for abandoned cart products for the end-users.

Use Case: Konviare customer Martin has triggered notifications through WhatsApp for abandoned carts of the end-users. Simmi, an end-user, has added a few dresses and home decor products in her cart but forgot to checkout. Simmi will soon get notified through WhatsApp about it!

7. Notify About Personalized Orders

One of the keys to attract more customers to buy your products is notifying them about personalized offers. Konviare lets you make your customers feel special by notifying them about discounts, coupons, offers etc. on their birthdays, sign-up anniversaries or other occasions!

Use Case: Bob, a Konviare customer, has set up personalized notifications through SMS for the birthdays of all his customers. As a result, every time an end-user’s birthday will arrive, he/she will get a personalized SMS wishing ‘Happy Birthday’ and offering an exclusive coupon code as set up by Bob!

You can read more about this on our e-commerce industry page.

If you are yet to try Konviare, Take a 14-day free trial today!



Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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