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Announcing Muvi’s Latest Update: Introducing Multi-DRM Security for Enhanced Content Protection

Ankit Jena Published on : 19 March 2024
multi-DRM security


Multi-DRM helps protect your audio and video content on your streaming platform from various cyber threats, illegal usage, and downloads. Specifically, your content is protected from unauthorized access, copying, redistribution and piracy.

With Muvi’s multi-DRM, you can keep your streaming service safe for subscriptions, renting videos, buying, or downloading them. It also makes sure your devices stay secure. You can control how long people can watch or rent your videos or audio on your streaming platform.

Before getting more information about Muvi’s Multi-DRM Security, let’s gather some quick facts on DRM!


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DRM – Quick Facts

DRM, or Digital Rights Management, refers to technologies and methods used to protect digital content from any type of illegal access.

Purpose: DRM is designed to protect digital content from unauthorized access, copying, and distribution. It is often used by content creators, publishers, and distributors to safeguard their intellectual property rights.

Implementation: DRM is implemented in a wide range of digital media, including audio content, video content, e-books, software, and video games. It is commonly integrated into media files, software applications, and digital distribution platforms.


What’s included in Muvi’s Multi-DRM Security?


Video & Audio DRM Support

Muvi One ensures your video and audio content remains safe from piracy and unauthorized distribution or duplication. With Muvi, you can keep your media assets exclusive for those who have access with its robust license enforcement, and mitigate the risk of potential legal liabilities linked with copyright infringement while securing your revenue.


Compatibility with Multiple DRM Platforms:

Muvi’s Multi-DRM Security supports integration with multiple DRM platforms such as Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, and Apple FairPlay. These DRM platforms are widely used by content owners and distributors to encrypt and protect digital content from unauthorized access. By supporting multiple DRM platforms, Muvi ensures compatibility with different devices and streaming platforms, allowing content providers to reach a broader audience while maintaining security standards.


Multi-format & Multi-Device Compatibility:

Muvi’s Multi-DRM Security is designed to support multiple video formats and devices, ensuring seamless playback across various platforms and screen sizes. Whether users access content on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, or desktop computers, Muvi’s DRM solution enables consistent and secure viewing experiences. It supports popular video formats such as MPEG-DASH, HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), and Smooth Streaming, catering to diverse audience preferences and device capabilities.


Visible and Forensic Watermarking:

Watermarking is a technique used to embed identifying information into digital content to deter piracy and track unauthorized distribution. Muvi’s Multi-DRM Security offers both visible and forensic watermarking capabilities. Visible watermarks are typically overlaid on the video playback, serving as a deterrent to potential pirates. Forensic watermarking, on the other hand, involves embedding invisible identifiers within the content itself, allowing content owners to trace the source of leaks or unauthorized copies. By employing both types of watermarking, Muvi helps content owners protect their intellectual property and enforce copyright compliance.


Protection against Screen Recording:

Screen recording poses a significant threat to digital content security, as it allows users to capture video streams directly from their screens, bypassing traditional DRM protections. Muvi’s Multi-DRM Security includes measures to prevent or mitigate screen recording, such as secure playback environments and anti-screen capture technologies. These measures help deter casual piracy and discourage unauthorized redistribution of protected content.


Our DRM Supports both On-Demand and Live Streaming!

Muvi’s multi-DRM supports both on-demand and real-time live streaming for your video/audio content. It ensures that unauthorized access is restricted, thereby eliminating the possibility of hacks, illegal downloads, or piracy. Through Muvi’s Multi-DRM, your live streaming content undergoes encryption before being broadcasted, ensuring that only users with legitimate access can view your live events.

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multi-DRM security

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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