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Muvi Live Lets you Live Stream Health & Fitness Sessions with Ultra-Low Latency

Sreejata Basu Published on : 07 July 2021
Health and Fitness Sessiona with Muvi Live


The health and fitness app market is expected to grow by USD 3.50 billion during 2021-2025, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Since more people are switching to flexible at-home workout regimes instead of hitting local gyms, Muvi Live has come up with an exclusive fitness live streaming offering to help viewers stay fit right from the comfort of their homes. From recording live workouts to tracking down live fitness sessions in Analytics, Muvi Live has it all to make your health and fitness website/app more functional.


Let’s Understand How Muvi Live can Transform your Online Health and Fitness Live Streaming Platform



1. Launch your Fitness App in Minutes!


As a Muvi Live customer, you can start your health and fitness website/app in just a few clicks with zero coding knowledge. In fact, you can embed the live session directly into your website.


Use Case: Anita is a fitness professional and she wants to launch her own live streaming fitness website. She just logs into the Muvi Live CMS and chooses the input and output for her live sessions and starts streaming. No knowledge of coding required!



2. Live Stream From Mobile without OBS Hassles


Muvi Live makes it easy for you to start a fitness app for both Android and iOS platforms. The app lets you stream sessions directly using your mobile camera without the usage of any additional equipment or software like OBS.


Use Case: Kian’s Fitness Club has shut down after the pandemic. He wants to launch a fitness app for Android and iOS platforms as his customers mostly use mobile phones of the mentioned operating systems. Kian just logs into the Muvi Live CMS and starts live streaming sessions from his mobile without any OBS integration. 



3. Monetize Live Sessions


The best part of using Muvi Live is the ability to monetize live streaming sessions based on your business requirements- be it pay per view, subscription, or ad insertion. Muvi Live will not charge you any commission from the revenue generated.


Use Case: Charlotte is a trained Aerobics professional. She already has a popular fitness app but her live streaming service provider doesn’t offer a PPV monetization scheme. She migrates to Muvi Live and with just a few clicks in the CMS, starts her exclusive 8-Episode aerobics sessions using the PPV content monetization model.



4. Track Performance in Analytics


Muvi Live has an analytics and reports feature where you can get valuable insights and track your live session performance using various metrics like engagement ratio, session duration , etc.


Use Case: Rubina has just started a new Zumba series in her fitness app and wants to know how her customers are responding to it. She logs into the Analytics section of Muvi Live and takes a look at the metrics such as no. of sessions, session duration and drop off rates and gets a clear picture of how her viewers are resending to her zumba lessons.



5. Social Stream your Fitness Sessions


If you have a huge fan base on social media platforms, Muvi Live would make your life easier as it supports social streaming to platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. You could stream your sessions concurrently on multiple platforms from just a single dashboard.


Use Case: Ben has a fitness page on Facebook and he wants to directly live stream his Pilates classes there. Using Muvi Live’s CMS, he could live stream his 20-minute fitness session to Facebook using just a single dashboard, hassle-free.


Not limited to these, Muvi Live’s health and fitness solution has a lot more to offer- Checkout Health and Fitness to know more.


Explore more possibilities by taking a 14-Day Free Trial of Muvi Live, now!

Written by: Sreejata Basu

Sreejata is the Manager for Muvi’s Content Marketing unit. She is a passionate writer with a background in English Literature and music. By week Sreejata spends her time in the corporate world of Muvi, but on weekends she likes to take short hiking trips, watch movies and read interesting travelogues.

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