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Silent Performance Killer: Autoboxing in Java 29 May 2024

At Muvi, we always try to use best practices to ensure your app performs well across various devices. And memory optimization is a demanding task on that front.  Generally, while talking about memory optimization, most of us tend to think … Continue reading

Android TV App – A Complete Overview 17 May 2023

  Are you looking to expand your brand’s reach and engage with your audience in a new and innovative way?  Do you know that launching your own branded Android TV app can be an excellent business idea? With the increasing … Continue reading

OTT Android App in Minutes! Try before you Buy – Muvi One 25 January 2023

  Are you planning to launch your own Android app?  Wondering where to start? The traditional app development process involves lengthy steps of planning, coding, developing, testing and launching. You need to plan everything beforehand as per your app development … Continue reading

Brandpreneur Trusts Muvi for Seamless Streaming across Smart TVs | Case Study 27 December 2019

When Brandpreneur’s smart TV apps for Apple, Android, Roku, and Fire TV went live, it was a satisfying experience for Muvi. Because we successfully achieved the unique vision of a dynamic team that made us push our boundaries and perpetuated … Continue reading

Yaddo’s SVOD Documentary App Goes Live 27 October 2016

The BBC factual commissioner Nick Fraser has launched an app for iOS and Android platforms, named Yaddo, which will actually feature documentaries. Fraser said in an interview that the app is officially launched but its international roll-out will be staggered. … Continue reading

“It’s Me” The Live Streaming App Launches in Korea 01 September 2016

Specifically designed for sharing videos, the live video streaming platform “It’s Me” launches in Korea for iOS and Android platforms on 16th Aug ’16. The app is more of a social media platform allowing people to share interesting live video stories from … Continue reading