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What are the Differences Between Android TV and Fire TV? 11 March 2024

  Android TV and Fire TV both have been high on demand around the globe due to their several advantages such as simple to use, great compatibility, give access to a wide pool of apps, advanced voice search and other … Continue reading

Samsung Tizen TV Vs Android TV – A Comparative Guide 28 February 2024

  The rapid growth of smart TVs has led to a fierce competition between software platforms, with Samsung Tizen and Google’s Android TV App emerging as two of the most popular options in the market. Samsung’s Tizen has been gaining … Continue reading

What is Google TV? Everything You Need to Know 29 August 2023

For a long time, Google has encouraged Android TV operating systems for smart TVs. But in 2020, when it released the Google TV Chromecast device for the first time, everyone got confused. In 2021, additional Google TV devices, including smart … Continue reading

Google TV Vs Android TV: A Comparative Guide 17 August 2023

Google TV vs Android TV is a highly discussed topic in the streaming industry. The Smart TV app ecosystem has witnessed rapid growth over the past decade. To give you a glimpse – the smart TV market is set to … Continue reading

Top Smart TV Ecosystems to be Leveraged by Streaming Businesses 20 December 2022

  Smart TV streaming has been replacing traditional TV broadcasting since the past decade due to various reasons such as on-demand high quality streaming, better flexibility, access to a wide variety of streaming content, advanced voice control, and many more. … Continue reading

What Are OS Environments? How Do They Impact OTT Platforms? 18 November 2022

  Operating System Environment, commonly known as OS Environment, is the environment in which a user runs the application or software. For a layman, operating environments might not be of much importance, as they rarely care about which OS they … Continue reading

Brandpreneur Trusts Muvi for Seamless Streaming across Smart TVs | Case Study 27 December 2019

When Brandpreneur’s smart TV apps for Apple, Android, Roku, and Fire TV went live, it was a satisfying experience for Muvi. Because we successfully achieved the unique vision of a dynamic team that made us push our boundaries and perpetuated … Continue reading

Amazon Prime Video to be Available on Chromecast & Android TV Soon 27 April 2019

After Amazon allows the integration of YouTube app on Fire TV devices, Google agrees to cast Amazon Prime Video via Chromecast and Android TV later this year. Users who own Chromecast or Android TV can configure their Prime Video account … Continue reading

Watch FOX59’s Videos on Demand through Streaming Devices 22 January 2019

FOX59 is offering video-on-demand services to viewers through streaming apps such as Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku. Now, users can stream news and lifestyle segments from FOX59 as on-demand content on their streaming devices. These devices … Continue reading

Roku – 2018’s Best Cord Cutter Streaming Device 27 December 2018

2018 was solely the year of cord-cutting streaming devices. As 2019 is closing in, Roku has been voted as the best streaming device of the year. Reports have shown that with 56.3% vote, Roku Players and Roku TVs are leading … Continue reading