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Muvi Integrates with Zapier to Streamline Workflow of your Streaming Platform 02 September 2020

  Comprehending the need for automation while managing an audio/video streaming platform, Muvi now integrates with Zapier, the platform that has integrations with 2000+ applications. With this latest development, it is now possible for Muvi customers to build automated workflows … Continue reading

Why do You Need a Cloud Streaming Server? 25 June 2020

Want to deliver exceptional quality streaming to your viewers but don’t want to build your own streaming media server from scratch? Well, the answer you are looking for is a cloud streaming server- a solution that works best for hosting … Continue reading

Spotify partners with Saregama for music content 12 May 2020

Spotify signs a licensing deal with Saregama to offer the latter’s music catalog on its music streaming service to its users.  The partnership with the Indian music label will bring more than 100,000 retro and new age songs in more … Continue reading

Sonos launches its own radio streaming service 28 April 2020

  Sonos rolls out its new radio streaming services named Sonos Radio. The free, ad-supported radio streaming service is introduced as a part of the latest software update. Over 100 streaming options will be available to the users through the … Continue reading

How to Take your Business Virtual amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic? 03 April 2020

  We are living in uncertain times- The COVID-19 pandemic has engulfed almost the entire world and this is good enough reason to panic!  Staying at home to save lives, many of us are finding ourselves in social isolation. With … Continue reading

Thoughtsday Leadership: How to Price your Audio/Video Content 26 March 2020

  WELCOME TO THOUGHTSDAY LEADERSHIP Welcome aboard to Muvi’s Thoughtsday Leadership knowledge session! Just to let you know, Thoughtsday Leadership is a monthly affair taking place on the last Thursday of every month where we share enlightening blogs coming straight … Continue reading

Muvi’s WordPress Plugin: All-in-one Solution for Embedding Videos 26 February 2020

  What is White Board Wednesday? Hey, it’s nice to be with you here! Welcome to Muvi’s Whiteboard Wednesday knowledge session. Whiteboard Wednesday is a monthly affair taking place on the last Wednesday of every month where we formally dedicate … Continue reading

Muvi API for Streaming Website? Well, What’s in there for You? 14 February 2020

  APIs are working behind the scenes in almost every business that involve software architecture of any sort. Streaming platforms or websites have not failed to embrace it too.  Well, as your curiosity for API has brought you here, let … Continue reading

Releasing Muvi Media Connect – A Customizable WordPress Plugin 04 February 2020

  Currently, WordPress is globally accepted as the most popular CMS powering more than 35% of all websites on the Internet, and 1 out of every 3 users use WordPress to create their websites.  We comprehend the need of WordPress … Continue reading

Muvi Introduces Podcasting Solution: Ventures in the Podcast Industry 29 January 2020

  Muvi rolls out its brand new Podcasting solution keeping in mind the consistent growth of the podcasting industry with over 750,000 active podcasts launched in 2019 with as many as 86 million podcast listeners in the U.S. Released last … Continue reading