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Recommendation Engine: Why should you consider it for your online business? 16 June 2021

  Apart from buying what they want, customers shop products that are recommended by friends and close ones to a great extent. As there is a trust factor involved, their choices are influenced by what people around them buy. Relatable? Clearly buying behavior is influenced by recommendations. And your online business is not an exception …

Demystifying Netflix’s Recommendation Engine 14 June 2021

Have you ever wondered how is it possible for Netflix to predict such accurate recommendations every time you open its app or website? Well, it’s because of its terrific AI-driven recommendation engine. Netflix’s recommendation engine accounts for more than 80% of the TV shows discovered on the platform. Netflix has an amazing content inventory with …

Music Streaming Services & Recommendation Engine – The Relation is Deeper 10 June 2021

Is it Monday? Are you a regular Spotify user? YES!! Then open your Spotify app now and go to the “Playlists” section! And come back to this destination again to know what’s happening Behind the Scenes… Did you see – “Discover Weekly”! Now, what’s that? Well, it is the art of the recommendation engine working …

Alie is NOT Your Traditional Recommender Service 08 June 2021

  Do you know 75% of Netflix users watch content suggested by its own recommendation engine? If that’s not enough to floor you, here is another one. Out of $37.1 billion revenue generated by Amazon in the second quarter of 2017, 35% of the total consumers, purchased products recommended by its smart product recommendation system. …

Accelerate User Engagement on Your Online Platform with Time-based Recommendations 02 June 2021

  Remember that festive season when you were in need to buy a cake oven because your friends would be coming to your place for a Christmas party!! Then you logged on e-Bay on your mobile phone and that oven was popping up on the home screen. You immediately clicked on the Buy Now option, …

Muvi Launches Four New Features for its Recommendation Engine – Alie 02 June 2021

  Muvi has just launched four brand new features for its AI-powered recommendation engine Alie. So far, Alie has stood out from the crowd being industry-agnostic, scalable and having various feature-rich solutions. And from now on, Alie customers will have more freedom to train Alie in their own ways!  Here’s an Exclusive Insight to the …

Product Recommendation to Improve the UX of Your OTT Store 21 May 2021

  The Recommendation engines are being used increasingly across the various industries and the OTT (Over-the-Top) industry is one of them. While its main purpose is recommending the most relevant content to the users, it can also help in improving the UX of your OTT store . The UX or user experience can be defined …

How Recommendation Engine Helps You Scale Up Your Business? 20 May 2021

  A recommendation system or recommendation engine uses different algorithms to filter various data related to the user preferences, products, and others, and recommends the most relevant products and services to the users. Nowadays, almost all the leading online businesses use recommendation engines to keep the user engagement rate high and improve the user experience. …

How to Acquire Subscribers for Your OTT Platform? 17 May 2021

  Customer acquisition is the process of gaining new customers for your business or converting the existing prospects into new customers. If you own an OTT (Over-the-Top) platform and want to improve your customer acquisition rate, then read on.  The OTT industry has gained momentum over the past years with the rising number of OTT …

How does a Recommendation Engine Use Predictive Analysis? 30 April 2021

  The recommendation engine has become widely popular in the recent years owing to its unlimited benefits across diverse B2B SaaS businesses. A recommendation engine with predictive analysis can predict which type of products or services customers will be interested in, based on their historical data. This is no less than a blessing to increase …

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