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Steps To Launch a FAST Channel for Sports Streaming – A Detailed Guide 11 June 2024

  FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channel is revolutionizing sports streaming by offering a more accessible and flexible way for audiences to consume sports content. Viewers can easily watch their favorite sport for free by just watching the ads in-exchange. … Continue reading

What are FAST Channels and What is its Future? 17 May 2024

  SVOD and AVOD have gained much attention in the last six years. They have actively contributed massive success to several streaming media platforms. One thing that is not being predicted is the rise of FAST channels. There has been … Continue reading

Launch Your Own FAST Channel in 24 Hours With Muvi Playout 07 May 2024

  In the past few years, the FAST services have been growing rapidly.  According to a report by Statista, The global revenue for ad-supported streaming TV, supported by advertisements, is projected to surpass $17 billion. FAST services are not limited … Continue reading

10 Best Viloud Alternatives for Launching Your Own Linear TV and FAST Channel 02 May 2024

  Need for Viloud Alternatives Viloud is an online video platform that helps create live, linear, FAST and on-demand TV channels. It offers tools for uploading videos, live streaming, and organizing content into playlists. Users can customize their channels with … Continue reading

Muvi Playout – EPG Style Cloud Playout Engine for Linear or FAST Channels Scheduling 20 February 2023

  Cloud-based linear TV channels and FAST channels are growing popular these days. Nowadays, more and more platforms like ROKU and Fire TV have added the capabilities to stream these channels natively. As a result, the demand from broadcasters to … Continue reading

FAST Streaming Guide – How to Schedule Your Content for FAST Channel? 28 December 2022

  Global internet penetration has seen a new high in 2022. Stats say that around 5.07 billion people across the world are using the internet today, which accounts for approximately 63.5% of the global population. And it is expected to … Continue reading

How to Create and Launch a FAST Channel? 17 October 2022

  If you are planning to start your OTT business, FAST would be an ideal entry for you. With rapid adoption of FAST in the OTT industry, it has become an ideal model for several streaming media business owners. It … Continue reading