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Video Monetization Revenue Models

Support Multiple Revenue Models!

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Muvi supports all popular formats of video monetizations out-of-the-box!
Sell your videos on Subscription (SVOD), Transactional (TVOD) or Pay per View (PPV) or Electronic Sell-Thru (EST) as well as Video Ad-Supported (AVOD) model, or a combination of all. You can now even chose to sell physical goods or merchandise (Muvi Kart) on the same platform and look at either further monetizing the audience that’s already on SVOD and make additional revenue per user, or else get an opportunity to monetize the passing by visitors who ideally would not have converted, thus opening up a new revenue stream for you.

Apart from supporting different revenue models, Muvi links your platform to your own payment gateway and supports multiple currencies, as well as features like Coupon Codes, access to videos with or without site registration, charging to user’s card directly on apps like iOS and Android etc, allowing you completely control over the way you want to monetize your platform.

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  • Subscriptions (SVOD)
  • Transactional (TVOD) / Pay Per View (PPV)
  • Video Ads (AVOD)
  • Free to view
  • Coupon Codes
  • Your own Payment Gateway

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Monetize your videos as well as live streaming by offering the option of Subscriptions to your viewers. You can custom build monthly or yearly Subscription packages on your platform and also chose to offer a Free Trial ranging from a few hours to a few days.

You control what content goes in Subscription and what content goes in any other format of monetization you enable on site.


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Monetize your videos, on-demand or Live Streaming on Transactional (TVOD) / Pay per View model (PPV) or Rental Models. Restrict access to videos by number of views or number of hours or both! Chose to setup TVOD/PPV for an entire TV Series or Individual Seasons. Setup differential pricing for existing Subscribers and Nonsubscribers. The options are limitless and whatever your business model requires Muvi can support the same!

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Monetize your videos, on-demand or Live Streaming on Ads. Muvi's HTML5 video player is VAST and VPAID compliant and supports integration with Ad Servers and Ad Networks. You can enable AVOD on individual videos and setup ad formats like Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll for monetizations. Muvi encourages and out-of-the-box integrates with Ad Servers like YuMe, SpotXchange and Google DoubleClick. Once integrate you have the option to monetize further by opting for Multiple Ad Networks, or uploading your own video-ads onto the ad server.

AVOD can be enabled to work along with other Monetization models like Subscription (SVOD) and Transactional (TVOD) as well.


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Monetize your platform with physical goods and merchandise along with Videos. Muvi offers seamless integration of a shopping cart experience that allows you to sell physical goods like Action Figures, DVD’s Blu-Ray’, T-Shirts and much more along with videos on the same platform. Muvi Kart is completely marketing ready with built-in inventory system to manage all your orders.

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Free Content

Nothing comes free but you still can provide some free content to your loyal customers. Muvi offers you to provide some free content to your viewers that acts like a preview and allows you to build trust for better engagement & monetization.


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Monetize your videos by providing promotional coupons and discounts to viewers. Muvi’s built-in Coupon Code engine allows you to create both unique and generic coupon codes that can be used for marketing purpose by your team and helps you run offers and promotions.

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Pre-Pay Videos

You can really do everything with Muvi. Muvi allows you to accept pre-orders for videos before their release on your platform. You can sell coming soon videos, set differential pricing for Pre-Purchase and Released Videos and much more with our pre-pay option.


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Guest Mode

How about turning your platform free and allow anyone and everyone to access the same with registration? Yes even that is possible with Muvi, you can open up the entire platform to all viewers based on your requirement and let a visitors simply come online and start watching a video instantly, just like that.

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Content Bundling

With our content bundling option, you can now bundle or sell similar content or a set of content as a “bundle” to your viewers. Club two or more content, as a bundle and set a price for the same that can be easily purchased by your viewer and gain access instantly.


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