ZERO CapEx. ZERO Setup Fee.

Simple pricing as it should be. Includes everything.

  • Muvi Starter

    Muvi Free + 100% white-labeled

    No Muvi branding present

  • Muvi Standard

    Muvi Starter + Unlimited Content + Developer Tools

  • Muvi Professional

    Muvi Standard + All/Premium Features

  • Muvi Enterprise

    Muvi Professional + Dedicated Server(supports unlimited users) + Enterprise Support

  • Number Of Content
  • 100
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Use Your Own Server/Storage/CDN
  • Rules Engine
  • Custom Report Builder
  • Other Premium Features
  • Muvi Free

    Same as Muvi Starter, but not white-labeled. Muvi branding is present



    + Infrastructure Fees

  • Muvi Ultimate

    Muvi Enterprise


    Premium Consulting Services (Project Management, Proactive Monitoring, Setup and a lot of handholding)

    Ask Sales

All Plans Include

  • Comprehensive Video/Audio CMS
  • Cross-platform Player
  • Monetization Models
  • In-depth Analytics
  • Unlimited Transcoding
  • Users and Views
  • 24x7x365 Support

Start Free

Other Configurations

Muvi Server Muvi CMS and API. Does not include website or mobile apps. Use Muvi API to build custom applications As per plan selected
Muvi On-premise Muvi + ability to store content locally on your own server As per plan selected

Infrastructure Fees

As per plan FREE. Then, US$0.09 per GB. FREE if storage is less than or equal to bandwidth used in a month. Otherwise, charged at US$0.04 per GB.

Top Pricing Questions

Some general questions with regards to Pricing

How do I know what will be my bandwidth cost?

Bandwidth cost is generally calculated on the total file size of a video being played back. An avg SD movie will consume a bandwidth of about 500mb.


What all does plan pricing really include?

Our plan pricing includes the website, preset templates that you can customize with your color options, storage, hosting on the cloud, Bandwidth, Security & CDN.


Do you provide Mobile or TV Apps?

Yes all plans except Muvi Starter come with support for Mobile and TV Apps, Muvi will build, and deploy these on respective app stores under your name. Please check our pricing table for more info on additional costing for Mobile / TV Apps.


Do I have to pay extra for Tech Support and Maintenance?

No, all plans except Muvi Starter includes Tech Support, Product updates and regular Maintenance so that you don’t need to worry about anything once you launch!


Are there any hidden charges or taxes? Will I have to pay more at the end of the billing cycle?

All plans includes all the charges currently; you will be required to pay additional fees only if you exceed the bandwidth as per our pricing table and any storage charges if applicable. Local taxes if applicable in your country / regions are to be paid by you directly to your respective tax authorities. Any customizations requests are chargeable separately, for which you will receive a detailed quote before any work starts and is billed to you.


Do you support Customizations? What if I want to integrate my own Payment Gateway or CDN?

You can request for a custom integration with your favourite Payment Gateway or CDN provider, our team will give you a detail quote for the same and integrate it upon your approval


What payment methods do you support?

Muvi supports all leading credit and debit cards, in case you want to make payments via any alternate methods, you can speak with us and request for PayPal or Wire Transfer Details.

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