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Amazon Fire TV is certainly the latest buzz in smart TV business Today! Having reached over millions of homes within a very short span of time from its launch, Amazon Fire TV is just not something that you’d want to miss out on.

Muvi brings together an instant solution for you to be able to launch your own Fire TV app, just in a matter of clicks! Yes, it is as simple with our white labelled, all-inclusive platform that comes with all tools equipped for you to only upload your content and Muvi taking care of everything else, right from customizing your design as per your brand visuals to launching and helping you reach millions of viewers waiting across the globe.

Muvi is a partner that walks with you throughout the entire course of launching your Amazon Fire app, taking care of your end-to-end IT needs.


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  • Completely white labelled
  • Inclusive of all Modern features
  • Fully Managed
  • Supports all Monetization Models
  • Supports streaming from Kindle Fire or Android device
  • No Revenue Share with Muvi

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Launch at One Click!

Muvi offers a built-in all-in-all solution for creating your Amazon Fire TV app, where you just have to log-in to the platform, navigate through an easy dashboard, upload your content and get going. Just when you click GO, Muvi submits your app to the Amazon store and your app is live reaching your audience, INSTANTLY!


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White Labelled App!

Muvi works only at the backend and you own your app 100%. You will have your own logo on the app, and the App Submission Accounts will be yours and all the communications will also flow into your personal accounts, Muvi only brilliantly takes care of the IT & execution for your Amazon Fire TV App.

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Inclusive of all Features

Your Amazon Fire TV app powered by Muvi will have all the features you can think of or what Amazon allows. The app will allow your viewers the ease of search, navigation and pay for their favourite content and for you to seamlessly manage App, execute transactions, send & receive notifications and much more.


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Muvi lets you personalize your Fire TV app as per your needs and preferences. You can choose a theme that suits your brand, change a functionality to work it around your comfort and even seamlessly integrate with third party platforms to manage your payments, marketing, reporting, CRM and do a lot more.

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Integrated Billing

How awesome it is that you can choose a monetization model that best suits your business needs. Muvi supports it all - be it Subscription Model (SVOD), Pay-Per-View (PPV / TVOD), Advertising (AVOD) or a Hybrid video monetization model. Muvi makes it easy for you to manage different payment gateways, accept different currencies and manage promotions in your Fire TV App.

Invoicing and Billing

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Analytics & Reports

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Comprehensive Analytics & Reports

Check how your Fire TV App is performing, what videos are getting more views, the average viewing time and adjust your content distribution and revenue strategies accordingly. Muvi provides a comprehensive analysis and reporting of data that most impacts your channel’s performance and helps you gain more viewers as well as revenues ultimately!

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