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5 Reasons To Adopt IPTV Today Over Traditional TV

Roshan Dwivedi Published on : 12 May 2015
IPTV and OTT VOD popularity

As viewers gain access to newest forms of entertainment in the form of handheld devices, the traditional TV is drawing its ace in the form of Internet TV, or as the techies call it, IPTV.

With IPTV you usually mean distribution of television or video content over a controlled IP network, where the end consumer receives the information through a set-top box which is connected to its normal broadband connection. Just because its name is IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) it does not mean that information is sent over the internet, only that IP protocol is used. So you should not consider video streaming over the internet as IPTV.

The three most common forms of IPTV you come across most often are :-

  1. Delayed Broadcast: Also popularly known as Time Shifted Internet TV or Catch-Up TV, delayed broadcast replays a film or show that was broadcast hours, or sometimes even days beforehand. IPTV providers often have a storage buffer where they will hang on to broadcasts for a certain amount of time. That means that if a customer were to miss a show they still have the option of viewing it in its entirety during this period. Once the allotted time has passed the IPTV service provider will dump the episode/film to make space for more recent broadcasts. This feature is an essential part of an IPTV solution, providing convenience and flexibility to viewers.
  2. Live Streaming Internet TV: Live stream IPTV is basically just regular television like national TV or cable. The only difference being that instead of being delivered digitally over the air to your antenna through traditional channels, you’re streaming it via the internet and your internet connection, either by phone line in ADSL 2+ or via cable broadband.
  3. Video On Demand: VOD is becoming an increasingly popular way to rent and buy movies. VOD is similar to the On-Demand service provided by cable television, or even just renting a DVD. Customers browse a series of titles and decide on whichever they wish. After making a selection the stream should begin momentarily. When renting over VOD, customers will usually be given the option of Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD). VOD is a great alternative to traditional movie rental as providers can offer a larger range of films, both recent and classic, for cheaper prices.

The emergence of IPTV is one of a growing number of viewing options to emerge over the past decade and continues to compete with a gaggle of other advances for market share. Unlike other burgeoning tech-sector technologies, IPTV functionality is being built right into current and future generations of televisions, which could drive an increase in usage as penetration increases.

Rise of IPTV and OTT

In October 2011 the use of the Internet facility in IPTV-enabled homes was estimated at about 2 percent of their TV use. In February 2012 it zoomed to about 5 percent in Internet-enabled homes.

While traditional TV is still the major player in most households, viewing options are ever-evolving. DVRs now appear in 44 percent of homes, up almost 80 percent since 2007. Conversely, some devices—once seen as tech breakthroughs—are falling off. VCRs and DVDs are down over that same time period, serving as a reminder to marketers, manufacturers and consumers alike that the only constant is change.

We believe it’s the right time to shift over to the Internet TV, as a customer, a MSO, a telco or just the local cable guy. And here’s why:-

  • Freedom of ‘distribution’ : IPTV distributes live or prerecorded TV and video/audio over existing data network. Also, there’s the scope for unlimited distribution to every network connected TV / PC.
  • Explore more content than ever: IPTV brings you the content exploration facilities for hundreds of TV and video sources.
  • Viewing quality: Digital quality remains consistent across all viewing points. You get managerial ability over individual viewing and also flexible, controllable signage and corporate branding. In case of VOD, viewing almost goes ad-free.
  • Watch TV anywhere, anytime: IPTV gives you the facility for live or scheduled recording of live TV provides the functionality of a video recorder with hard disk storage (Personal Video Recorder).
  • Easy on the pocket: Costs, space and energy are saved by dispensing with Freeview Set Top Boxes, video recorders and even TVs where PC viewing is adopted.

Internet is the future for publishers and broadcasters of all kinds. Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, TV…everything is on the INTERNET! With Muvi’s one of a kind VOD Platform, we place the power of internet TV in your hands. Be the next Netflix!

Written by: Roshan Dwivedi

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