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Elements of a Secure Online Video Platform

Mousumi Rana Published on : 05 June 2020
Secure Online Video Platform


Be it creating videos for your business, or streaming on-demand and live content for billions of viewers, you always have hackers and pirates eager to lay hold on your content. Hacking and leaking of video content is certainly not what you want!  It is only with layers of security armor around your video streaming platform that you have complete control over the streaming and distribution.

In this blog, we will discuss the essential elements of a secure online video platform that will keep your content workflow protected all the time.

  • Server Side Security & Firewall

Your streaming platform will need a web server which is basically the one on which your website runs. The browser of any viewer, who is trying to stream video content on your streaming service, will request for sharing your website information so as to access the content.

Server Side Security & Firewall for Streaming Platform


Ideally, your web server should ensure that there are no delays or interruptions in the service. However, interruptions mostly occur when your web server is not secure. This puts your streaming website as well as others that try to run it at risk. And the aftermath? File corruption, malicious attacks and data deletion!

This is where server-side security and firewall build a strong and protective layer for your streaming website. 

  • SSL Certificate

Well, SSL certificate is a digital file that allows encryption between a web server and a web host. When you have an SSL certificate installed on your server, any suspicious intrusion or eavesdropping manipulation by any unauthorized third party can be prevented. 

Now, why is it important for your streaming platform? Well, once you have your streaming website up online, there will be communication about data right from banking information to login credentials across the Internet on a regular basis.

To secure such sensitive data in transit, you definitely need an extra layer of security to protect it from being hacked. This is why SSL certificates are mandatory in many industries, and streaming is not an exception. 

Moreover, when you want your viewers to stream video content from your website, they would be using a browser, right? Well, the catch here is that browsers are now considering encryption mandatory and they are pretty serious about it.

So, if your website will not have an SSL Certificate, browsers are going to label it as “Not Secure”. Now, you can imagine how impactful this can be to your visitors and your user base.

  • Studio Approved DRM 

When dealing with video content, there is always a risk of attempts by external forces to intercept the content stream and illegally download it. The possibility of illegal in-app purchases and downloads also adds up to the worry. Risking security here could also result in huge revenue loss.

This is where Studio Approved DRM comes to the scene. DRM protects your video streaming content from unauthorized downloads.

Studio Approved DRM for Streaming Platform security

Encryption of media files with Studio Approved DRM ensures that no access to your content is granted without an approved license. Furthermore, you are even able to protect and regulate your video content when viewed both online and offline. 

Check out our blog on What is DRM and how to implement the right one!

  • Screen Record Protection & Watermarking

Pirates get ways to break any kind of copy-protection mechanism on video content. Screen recording is one illegal way that can impact your subscription volumes. Your streaming platform has to be equipped with a screen record protection feature so as to prevent any screenshot or recording of your video content. 

Dynamic watermarking is another layer of security that documents ownership for tracking the original consumer of the video content.

Screen Record Protection & Watermarking for Streaming Platforms

Courtesy-unicast nature of OTT viewing, every viewing session is considered as a unique stream and is uniquely marked. Assigning a unique mark to each stream enables easy identification of the user. However, the embedding of additional data in the media file here should be done without increasing the latency of the stream.

Moreover, it has to be ensured that the data should stick to the video stream all along the distribution, making it difficult to alter, erase, or obfuscate, without impacting the media file.

The objective here is easily achieved through watermarking.

Check out our blog on Deter Piracy with Dynamic Watermarking here!

  • PCI Compliance & VPN Detection 

Theft or breach of cardholder data, when happens, impacts the entire card payment ecosystem. Leaking of sensitive information leads to the loss of trust in your platform billing. Now such reputation damage is certainly not invited!

When your streaming platform is PCI Compliant, you have a diligent security cover that stops data breaches when your users make payment through their credit cards. 

On another note, content owners face challenges when it comes to restricting content access to specific regions by the use of a VPN. Well, VPN Detection in your streaming platform can restrict access to users who use VPN to bypass geo-blocking to stream your video. 

This will allow only subscribers and authentic users to stream video content from your platform. 

 Keeping streaming safe

As you grow, more viewers will sign up for your streaming service. And security risks will rise too. Undoubtedly, protecting content and user data in the video-craving digital age is a challenge. However, investing in the right online video streaming platform equipped with robust security features will ensure that your content and other data are safe, right from ingestion to distribution. 

Muvi’s end-to-end streaming platform has a secure infrastructure that rules out every possibility of breaching content and user data by using Multi-level Firewall, Studio Approved DRM, Advanced Encryption, and more. 

To explore more, sign-up with our 14-days free trial!


Written by: Mousumi Rana

Mousumi is a Content Marketer for Muvi. She is passionate about writing corporate blogs, articles, case studies, and marketing collaterals. When not working, she loves to dance, gym, and explore new places.

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