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Inserting Dynamic Ads into Downloadable Videos – Offline Video Advertising Simplified

Rakesh Ranjan Published on : 27 September 2019
Dynamic Ads in Downloadable Videos - Offline Video Advertising


The Future of AVOD – Offline Video Advertising is here.

Video service providers who are dependent on the advertising monetization model, this blog is specially curated for you.


According to a recent survey report, around 59% of users in the US, today expect a video streaming service to have a download feature.

But why?

Since online video streaming involves viewing interruptions such as buffering, lags, and low-quality, caused by poor connectivity issues, the OTT viewers are now increasingly expecting a download option to enjoy seamless video playbacks offline.

Considering the impatient behavior of audiences towards poor video experience online, many top video streaming services including Netflix, Starz, CBS, Showtime, Amazon, and Fox already offer download video feature in their applications.

In such scenarios, if you, being an AVoD provider, are still hesitating to enable download option for your videos, then you are surely losing out to your competitors in terms of user experience, and your sustainability is at great risk.

online video streaming stats

No matter how much effort you are putting to deliver better video streams to your viewers, you can do nothing for the connectivity issues at the user’s end. Hence, the best way to ensure a great QoE to your end-users is, allow them to download your videos when they have a good internet connection, so they can enjoy watching those videos later, when their connectivity is poor or inconsistent.


Download-as-a-Feature: A Boon for AVoD

Apart from ensuring video streaming less frustrating for end-users, download also showcases an enormous revenue opportunity for the AVoD providers. It simply opens up possible doors for Offline Video Advertising that were previously unavailable – Monetization of Offline Videos.

Thanks to technological developments, you can insert dynamic ads into your downloadable videos and earn an extra dollar from the offline ad streaming. This means, besides your online ads, you can now generate potential revenue from offline video ads too.

Well, don’t worry about the connectivity issues at the user’s end anymore. Whether your subscribers have an active internet connection at the time of offline viewing or not, the attached dynamic ads will continue to stream & monetize anyway.

Moreover, in downloaded videos, the ad-formats can be much more creative than just pre-roll & mid-stream videos, and also, there is very little risk of ad-delivery failure, which is in fact great as compared to online video ads.

The logic here is straightforward. With every downloaded video, you have the opportunity to earn new engagements as well as more dollars.

Now let’s dig a bit deeper and understand how to insert dynamic ads into downloadable videos.


Making Dynamic Ads available offline

Ad insertion into offline videos is not a big deal, however ensuring the ads are timely & monetized is the most critical part.

Making Dynamic Ads available in offline videos

If your users are served with ad-streams that are no longer valid or available for monetization, there is no value of spending dollars for inserting ads into your downloadable videos. Being a service provider, you need to make sure that the attached ads are up-to-date every time when a viewer plays the video offline.

Don’t worry, This is now easy & simple!

By integrating advanced software like Penthera, specially designed for dynamic ad insertion into downloadable content, you can deliver video advertising offline with great accuracy. Once configured with your ad-server, the patented application automatically updates the offline ads in the background, when the user’s device is connected to any cellular or wifi network.

To ensure only timely ads are delivered to end-users, the application runs a check process every 3-4 days, and updates all the offline ads before the monetization expires i.e. 2 days prior to expiry.

Apart from timely ad delivery & effective monetization, the download technology also provides advanced targeting capabilities as well as thorough analytics reporting, same as online streaming ads. You can easily track viewer’s behavior, downloaded videos’ watch time, ads streaming time, download content starts or stops, download progress and much more insights to offline ad performance on your ad-server’s dashboard. Even the ads’ click-throughs can also be tracked offline.

Well, what more do you need in offline video advertising!


Wrapping up

As millions of viewers prefer watching videos on-the-go these days i.e. on vacation, commuting, on planes and other areas where internet connection is poor or unavailable, offering downloadable videos is the key for AVoD providers to thrive in the competitive OTT industry.

By enabling downloadable feature in your video streaming application, you not only provide a user-experience that exceeds the viewer’s expectations, but also unlock new offline advertising opportunities through dynamic ad-insertions.

So, what’s stopping you then? Go ahead, and earn 2x revenue from dynamic offline video ads.

To start your 14-days free trial with Muvi, signup now. If you have any queries regarding the ad integrations, shoot your comments here. Let’s discuss!


[This Blog was first published on LinkedIn Pulse]

Written by: Rakesh Ranjan

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