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5 Reasons to Meet Muvi at the Convergence India Expo 2023

Ankit Jena Published on : 28 February 2023
Convergence India Expo 2023


Muvi – the world’s most popular no-code platform is ready to hit the Convergence India Expo 2023 to be held from 27th – 29th March 2023. Muvi One brings you the most easy-to-use platform to create, manage, and deliver audio/video content online and monetize the same using various monetization models such as SVOD, AVOD, TVOD/PPV and hybrid.

Cloud-hosted on one of the world’s leading CDN providers, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Muvi One allows content owners to launch their own-branded multi-screen video or audio streaming platform instantly with minimal upfront investment.  Our end-to-end platform boasts out-of-the-box features including CDN, DRM, ABR-enabled streams, multiple monetization, live streaming, Visual Designer, social media integrations, cloud encoding and transcoding, and HTML5 player to name a few.


A Sneak Peek at Muvi One’s Exclusive  Features at the Convergence India Expo

Other than all valuable features mentioned above, Muvi is proud to announce some brand new innovative features that no other OTT platform provider will give you. Let’s discuss those features in brief.


Muvi One

Muvi One is the world’s most popular no-code video streaming platform that allows you to launch your own video and audio streaming platform. An end-to-end cloud video platform, Muvi One offers a variety of advanced features enabling enterprises to launch their OTT, elearning, sports streaming, media and entertainment, health and fitness platform in a jiffy. You can offer video-on-demand and live streaming contents to your audience and monetize the same using various monetization models. 

Muvi One has a plethora of advanced video streaming features that empowers content creators to create professional-grade broadcasts including:

  • Video encoding and transcoding at multiple bitrates
  • HTML5 video player 
  • Multi CDN 
  • Adaptive online video player
  • Video security features like multi-DRM, watermarking, screen record protection and IP restrictions among others
  • Cross-browser and cross-device video playback capability
  • Fully customizable website with ready to plug/use templates and an advanced functionality of a customizable visual designer for the non coding DIYers.
  • An advanced CMS 
  • Multiple social media channel integration
  • Video API
  • Multiple monetization models 
  • Integration with most-popular payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, PayU,, etc
  • Full video API integration
  • SDKs for iOS and Android developer

Try Your App

Muvi One now allows you to develop, preview as well as try your own branded streaming apps in minutes with just a few button clicks with our  exclusive offering – ‘Try Your App’.

It means you get a completely functional streaming app with features loaded as per your branding and you don’t need any additional cost for designing the same. Preview and try it out for free, and only if you like it, then you can take a subscription and launch it just through a few button clicks.

All you need to do is, log in to Muvi One CMS and click on ‘Try Your App’. The rest process hardly takes a few minutes – just fill up the basic details like email id, app, name, app launch icon, and splash screen file and hit ‘Build your App.’ You can check the look and feel of your app before you launch it. Not only that, the entire content can be managed from the Muvi One CMS and you can see the changes in real-time.


Muvi Onyx

Muvi Onyx, our patented preview application, allows you to  get an instant preview of your Mobile & TV Apps, and play along like an end user with the entire user interface. Downloadable from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Muvi Onyx delivers a near-deployment quality working preview of your native mobile & TV apps instantly, which is capable of video streaming as well as audio streaming. Our Onyx app ensures you experience the entire workflow and process just like an end user and test the entire system out before you subscribe to it! 


Visual Designer

Visual Designer, one of our most powerful offerings, is a completely no-code drag-and-drop website template designing platform. With VD, you can customize the entire website template wherein you can make changes,  add text, update colors and add pages, sections, or widgets the way you want it, to suit your brand requirements. Boasting as the world’s first OTT platform design studio, you can completely customize the look, feel, design and branding of your website with just a few button clicks. The exclusive feature is built with the aim to eliminate the barriers that usually complicate website and app building, enabling you to keep your streaming assets updated and on brand with the latest technology. With robust infrastructure, cutting-edge security, and a variety of themes, VD helps you establish your online presence just the way you want.

The powerful WISYWIG designer helps you arrange text, images, and other visual elements into beautiful layouts without coding.


eLearning Platform

Muvi One offers an enterprise-grade eLearning solution that helps schools, universities, private coaching centers and businesses build their eLearning website instantly, from scratch without having to write a single line of code. 

Providing multiple monetization models and content-bundling options, the platform allows you to fully experiment with your content distribution strategy thereby ensuring consistent traffic and optimal engagement on your eLearning channel.

Our eLearning solution  provides Course Management settings that allows you to easily choose content types such as PPTs, PDFs, and other similar content formats and create tailored courses best suited for your learners on your eLearning platform.

With Muvi One’s eLearning platform, courses can be scheduled for automated releases and can be automatically published at a specific date in the future. Muvi One exclusively provides a Geo-block feature that allows you to restrict access to certain course materials on the geographic location of the user. This is an exclusive feature no other LMS would offer you.

Our LMS has an inbuilt  multi-level hierarchy feature that allows you to create a hierarchical structure that groups content based on various criteria such as subject, year, language, popularity, and more. You can only find this feature exclusively in Muvi One’s eLearning platform whereas other LMS such as Moodle, Openedx, Blackboard do not. 

Apart from these, here are some exclusive eLearning features:

  • Live stream classes or organize webinars, virtual classrooms, along with real-time communications
  • Embedding and authentication can be supported for different conferencing tools through an LTI integration.
  • Live chat allows your course participants to engage in active discussions
  • Download assets feature ensures downloadable like PPT, PDF etc.

Take a free trial at the Convergence India Expo 2023 and experience how it can help deliver a seamless streaming experience.

Register yourself and book an in-person meeting with Muvi! 

Where to Find us?

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, Delhi 110001 

Muvi Booth number – Hall Number – 5, Booth – D516

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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