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What Is A Video CMS And Do You Need it?

Amita Kumari Published on : 14 April 2022
Video CMS


Are you into video marketing and finding it difficult to manage your massive video library? With video content ranging from short videos to tutorials, social marketing videos to business event videos, are you facing problems with organizing it?

To simplify the video management process for businesses, video hosting platforms are supporting video content management systems, which take care of the complete video management workflow.

In this blog, we will learn about what video CMS is and why your business needs it?

What is video CMS?

A video content management system is developed to assist businesses in handling their marketing video content. Starting from storing, publishing, and distributing videos to monetizing them, video CMS keeps track of all.

  • Video CMS acts as a central video library for video hosting and enables the users to effortlessly search video content by simply entering related text in the search field. The CMS search field allows users to search videos by title, keywords related to the videos, and genre.
  • Advanced Video CMS supports video metadata creation features, where AI/ML technology analyzes the theme of the content and accordingly generates metadata with effective keywords. Users can also enter the metadata manually.
  • Also, Video CMS supports video content recommendations, which auto-populates similar videos in the video suggestions sections. It improves your video views and keeps the users engaged with your videos for a prolonged period.

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To know more about advanced video management software, let’s have a look at some of the key features of Video CMS, which helps businesses in shaping their video marketing system-

1. API Access –

Advanced API access feature supported by video CMS allows users to manage video upload and playback through APIs.

By using server APIs, users can effortlessly handle video management activities like uploading videos, managing video search, and automating video management workflow. By automating the video workflow, users get the benefits of video customization, such as adding video tags and thumbnails.  As the videos are uploaded through an automatic process, it saves time and effort for video publishers.

With API integration users can also customize their video players by adding interactive elements and changing the player design.

2. Advanced Analytics –

With the support of advanced analytics features, businesses gain the ability to amplify their video marketing activities like geo-targeting, ad targeting, UI improvements, and content classification. 

By analyzing the reports where you get detailed information on videos views, likes, shares, average time spent, number of playbacks, user details, devices used, businesses can track video performance and accordingly plan for video marketing strategies.

3. AI/ML tools –

Advanced video CMS supports artificial intelligence/machine learning tools, abound with latest video enhancement features like object identification, subtitle generation, voice and speech recognition for auto transcription. 

It helps businesses replace manual functions with AI/ML services and ensures better video engagement and revenue generation.

4. Batch Transfer –

Batch transfer helps businesses effectively migrate their video library from one platform to another. Business data migration can be because of business expansion/ new acquisitions ; a video CMS makes it possible to migrate hundreds of thousands of file files in one go.

Cloud Hosting Platform

5. Video security –

As there are monetary matters involved in the video business, security is the prime concern of video marketers. With the advancement of digital content distribution systems, there has been a rapid growth of content piracy, spam, user data breach, etc. To handle end-to-end secure video management, an advanced video content management system which offers some of the best-in-industry security services should be deployed. Some of them  are-

6. AES Encryption –

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) ensures effective video content-encoding that restricts unauthorized content access. 

AES adds an extra layer of security to the video content by implementing an encryption key for content access. It prevents unauthorized access as the paid users having encryption keys can only access the content.

7. Video Paywall –

A paywall protects video content from piracy by imposing payment restrictions to access the video. The paywall implementation of the business website/app encourages the website visitors to pay subscription fees to access the video library. Advanced video CMS supports metered paywall, hard paywall, and freemium paywall.

8. Geo-Restrictions –

  • With advanced video CMS, businesses can target their video marketing campaigns based on geo-areas where they have loyal customers. It effectively restricts content access for certain regions where content piracy rate is the highest.
  • Geo-restrictions feature whitelists IP addresses of geographical regions where you want to market your videos and block the remaining regions to access your content.

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The ever-evolving video marketing niche needs the support of advanced video CMS to excel in customer retention and revenue generation. With professional video hosting platforms like Muvi Flex, you get best-in-class video CMS.

Muvi Flex advanced video CMS is loaded with advanced features like- bulk media import, end-to-end webpage management, content scheduling, video monetization, analytics, metadata management, etc.

Starting from publishing media on websites, applications, and social platforms to piracy protection, content migration, and customer support, Muvi Flex has it implement-ready.

To use Muvi Flex, businesses do not have to be technically sound, anyone can use Muvi’s secure enterprise-grade video hosting platform.

To know more about Muvi Flex, kindly take a 14-day free trial of Muvi Flex CRM and explore how it can help you grow your business and generate revenue.

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Written by: Amita Kumari

Amita is a content writer with Muvi marketing team. She has over 5+ years of experience in content creation and development. Passionate by heart, she likes to cook, write, sing and do yoga to pass time.

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