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Video Portal and its Use Case – A Detailed Guide

Ankit Jena Published on : 19 September 2022
Video portal


A video portal is referred to as a video content management system that offers access to several video sources with an interactive UI to upload as well as stream videos. The most familiar instance would be YouTube. It allows content creators and media distributors to upload, edit, organize and maintain videos.


What Is a Video Portal?

A video portal is basically a platform that provides user-generated or else professionally created videos to its audiences. Content creators and media distributors can upload videos they have made for several purposes. It is a platform to upload and distribute video contents online.

YouTube is a great example of a video portal. These make it simpler to share videos with your targeted audience as well as contribute to your reach suggestively. Hence, they can play quite a vital role in your marketing as well as other activities. 


Video portal



Video Portal Use Cases – How Does it Help?

The most understandable use for one is that you can set up a Netflix-like application to stream contents to your audience. However, there’s a lot more that you can do with a video portal.

Businesses can utilize a video portal to train their employees, share valuable announcements, or share recorded meetings.  

Video portal use cases:

  • A knowledge sharing platform for staffs to upload and share their proficiency
  • It can be used for staff training and onboarding
  •  It is also used for business messaging, sharing recorded meetings and other business communications
  •  It can be used for Product video catalogs
  • Video archive

Different types of video portals

There are two types of video portals and these are:

  • External
  • Internal


External Video Portals

These are primarily used for sharing and distribution to public audiences. Businesses can utilize these to share videos like product demos or else brand awareness videos that people globally can watch directly or through links shared on socials. However, external video portals are not secure as internal because anyone with the link to view the video can access it. 


Internal Video Portals

In internal video portals end-users have to log in and then they can view video content. Additionally, for every video, owners can describe which exact person or group can view it.

Internal video portals are good for those who need to share trade secrets (like the recipe for your astounding beverage), or else employee training, etc.


Why Are Video Portals Important?

Video portals are vital these days for any organization to thrive. It is particularly required if you have a very customer-facing method and want them to be informed. Additionally, you can also utilize your video portal for internal applications such as training.


Instant Distribution of Contents

Video portal allows instant distribution of content. You don’t need to worry about hosting the videos you make if you already have a video portal on board. After creating a video, you already have the relevant platform to distribute it.

Video portal helps instant sharing and distribution of contents. You just need to upload your video, as well as share it on several social media platforms. You can even choose the end-users you want to share your video with, and target the applicable individuals for your content. This assists you maximize your advantages from video content, and lets you reach the appropriate people.


Reach a Wide Audience

Videos are the most consumed and shared pieces of content in the online marketplace. This is because individuals can relay better to audio-visual content than humble text content. When you make and share appealing videos, you have the capability of reaching a huge audience base.

A sound video portal will allow social media sharing, which can assist you reach an even wider audience. Additionally, if your video is engaging, then your audience may even share it on their own social media accounts. This ultimately helps widen your net even further.


Run Training Modules

You can also utilize video portals for internal applications and external marketing reasons. For instance, if you want to provide training to your employees in things such as cybersecurity along with professional behavior, then you can create videos consequently.

Then, you can utilize your video portal to send these videos to your staff. You won’t have to physically gather every individual at one location to accomplish the training. Video portals can help you reach all of your employees instantly and ensure they are up to date with your internal processes and expectations. You should make several series of training videos, and permit employees to access them whenever they require a refresher of that information.

Muvi can help you create your fully-featured video portal to create and distribute videos online. It allows you to launch your own white-label multi-device OTT streaming platform to distribute both live and on-demand contents and help you generate revenue by monetizing them. Muvi’s in-built Video Engine along with its VOD CMS assist you to integrate all your videos in one place as well as create and deploy your streaming platform across several devices and screens in minutes! Take a free trial to explore how Muvi can help you launch your video portal instantly.


Video portal

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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