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How to Trigger Instant Notifications Using Konviare? 07 December 2021

  About Konviare Konviare is a multi-channel notification system that allows stakeholders to trigger instant notifications to the ends users and the administrator upon completion of any transactional actions in the website or application.  It allows your products the ability to manage notifications across multiple channels without making changes at the code level.  Get started …

A Detailed Guide on AI-based Recommendation System 29 September 2021

White paper on Recommendation System Have you ever wondered how some websites know what you might want before you even think about it? For example, you wish to buy a book and visit an e-commerce website. Once you log in, you are greeted with a list of books from genres that you were going to …

Infographic: A Look into Global Subscription Billing Market 09 September 2021

  The global subscription billing market has gained traction over the past years, making every other business opting for a subscription billing system to sustain amidst the fierce competition.  North America is holding the largest market share in the global market, while Asia Pacific is projected to exhibit the fastest growth through 2022. Furthermore, the …


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