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How to improve OTT Advertising 06 June 2017


More consumers are moving from traditional TV to video streaming platforms, hence advertising can no longer be targeted to the traditional TV audience. According to a recently published Nielsen Total Audience Report, adults between 18-24 watched 46% fewer hours of linear TV in Q3 2016 than in Q3 2010.

Another 2016 Nielsen report suggested that TV connected devices made up 23% of average weekly video minutes among adults in the age group of 18-34 which is more than double of that of PC, smartphone and tablet combined. OTT and streaming platforms provide the big screen experience of TV whilst adding digital capabilities such as interactivity, advanced targeting and measurement. Lighter ad loads on OTT can be used as a leverage for marketers. OTT can be made intuitive for advertisers with the following tips:

• Expand audience reach: Leading advertisers are increasingly promoting their brands, products and services via streaming.
• Take advantage of new targeting and technology: New advanced targeting and third- party measurement tools enable reaching out to the right audiences based on rich first and third party data that is much more than what’s available with linear TV.
• Marketers can track things like awareness, purchase, intent, store-foot traffic and sales lift. Besides, they can also track tune-in to linear TV. These insights enable advertisers to fine-tune their media mix to target their intended audiences and drive ROI.
• Ads now have the capability of being run on more than one channel, across major networks and video streaming services. So marketers can take advantage of all these avenues where the audience is watching videos.
• Brands need to think creatively so as to optimize the ad experience with interactivity, personalization and localization for better engagement Read More

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