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Marketers now exploring advertising options on video-on-demand content

According to a senior Nielsen executive, US marketers are now warming to advertising on video on demand. Through Nielsen’s total audience framework, TV networks, marketers, and media planners measure TV ratings up to 180 days. The framework also measures across different platforms and devices thereby offering cross-platform measurement. In Australia, OzTam measures TV ratings and Nielsen measures digital.

According to Jessica Hogue, SVP of product leadership, Nielsen, Nielsen’s total measurement tool allows US broadcasters to better understand and monetize the true value of programs, and this has certainly appealed to the marketers.
Hogue quoted, “In the US, marketers are starting to pay attention to that video on demand window. Even though it’s not linear, they are able to borrow from the brand equity of that on-demand content even if it is being watched by consumers in a different way.”

Australian TV networks are not far behind and are exploring ways to monetize catch-up programming. Also they are focusing on tools that would better the broadcast quality video which would be delivered via digital distribution channels. This move is a result of the continuous shrink in the linear TV advertising budget.

While Nine is planning to better monetize its premium content on social media platforms, Seven has invested extensively in a new ‘freemium’ video player 7 Plus.

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