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Pros and Cons of a Commercial Video Player 11 January 2024

In today’s times, most websites and apps add videos, as doing so has multiple benefits. They help increase the user’s engagement time and rate, alongside conveying your message very lucratively. But for smooth playback and preventing piracy of your videos, … Continue reading

Choosing the Best Commercial Video Player for Your Business 28 July 2023

The means of exchanging information over the Internet have developed exponentially over the last 20 years. Most websites on the internet began with imparting text-based knowledge. The trend shifted and gradually people became more and more habitual to an image-based … Continue reading

Get Your Own Branded Streaming Platform That Resonates Your Brand Identity 06 March 2023

  While developing video streaming websites and apps using no-code platforms, one of the greatest concerns remains the brand identity. Many no-code platforms restrict the use of your own logo or add their own footer content to your platform.  But, … Continue reading

Marketers now exploring advertising options on video-on-demand content 10 January 2018

According to a senior Nielsen executive, US marketers are now warming to advertising on video on demand. Through Nielsen’s total audience framework, TV networks, marketers, and media planners measure TV ratings up to 180 days. The framework also measures across … Continue reading

Muvi Studio packs a punch with the new ‘Embeddable Player’ 08 June 2015

  Integrating Muvi’s VoD Platform with your existing website or app has never been this slick and easy. Announcing our new “Embed Player” option which makes embedding your video’s onto any websites or even mobile apps quick and easy along … Continue reading