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Saudi Arabians prefer viewing online video content on smartphones and tablets – Ampere Analysis 06 June 2017

According to a 13-country study by Ampere Analysis, internet users in Saudi Arabia are the top users for accessing TV and video content online as well as viewing content on their smartphones and tablets.

87% of viewers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) watch online video content on their smartphones according to the survey. The number of Saudis viewing video via their tablet is 60% compared with the survey average of 43%. One key factor of such viewership is due to the fact that social video is very popular and also tablet ownership is high in KSA. YouTube was the top video service viewed in the past month, watched by 81% of Saudis versus an all countries average of 66%.

The number of Saudi Arabians watching videos on Facebook is also at 53% versus an average of 32%. 48% of internet households in Saudi Arabia prefer SVOD (Subscription video-on-demand) rather than pay-TV. As per the report, Saudi Arabians were found to watch Netflix less often than viewers in other countries. It’s the same scenario for Amazon Prime which was introduced in the country recently. Read More

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