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Muvi Studio packs a punch with the new ‘Embeddable Player’

Roshan Dwivedi Published on : 08 June 2015
Embeddable Video Player by Muvi


Integrating Muvi’s VoD Platform with your existing website or app has never been this slick and easy. Announcing our new “Embed Player” option which makes embedding your video’s onto any websites or even mobile apps quick and easy along with a secure DRM encoding to ensure that your content is still secure and away from the prying clicks of the pirates!

You are now just one click away from embedding your own branded video player from Muvi onto any other website or app you wish to. Showcasing industry standard video scalability & infrastructure, DRM enabled security and your own brand recognition embossed, this new feature works towards a seamless integration of your existing website/app with Muvi’s video streaming engine.

We’ve 4 reasons why you will love the new ’embed player’ :-

  1. Easy to Embed & Syndicate – Sharing your video’s to the social web and via your PR and Blog’s has never been easier, simply embed your own branded player to any content anywhere on the web and see your video being played back within your own-branded video player, providing you a break from having to send out 3rd party branded video players and links.
  2. Design your own ecosystem around it – You can now design your own apps around Muvi’s video delivery engine and embeddable player. The embed option opens up a whole new world of video ecosystem for you, you can embed your own branded video player into any website or apps that you or your brand / company own or plan to build and showcase your video’s to the world. You are not just restricted to the Internet, you can also embed the video player to your intranet sites and apps and start streaming your favorite content to your audience!
  3. Video Monetization – Embedding your videos via Muvi not only means more video views & shares but also more revenue! Muvi’s Embed video option supports two revenue models – TVOD (Pay Per View) and AVOD (Ad Supported).
    1. TVOD or Pay Per View – You can simply embed and syndicate your videos on various channels and anytime someone clicks on play, they are asked to subscribe via their Credit Cards, earning you an immediate revenue and subscriber from within the player itself!
    2. AVOD or Ad Support – Muvi’s Video player also comes in-build with its own Ad engine so the next time you embed a video from your Muvi Admin to any other website or app, you are sure about the ads being played on the video are 100% in your control and the revenue earned from the same goes 100% to your account!
  4. Branding – The most important factor we have taken care of is to ensure whenever your video is embedded and shared in this every growing social world, your brand reflects prominently across the spectrum. The video player carries only your logo at the bottom of the screen and the embed and sharable links reflect your domain, thus ensuring its your brand that is put forward everything there is a video view or video share and not any 3rd party logo and link, thus giving you 100% mindshare of your audience (No free marketing to 3rd party players anymore)

Our commitment towards making video on demand an invaluable experience for you is the reason the list of goodies doesn’t end here.

Take a look at the slew of other features we released over the last few days: –

  1. More Templates: Now the choice of templates isn’t limited. We have introduced two new templates in variety of color combination so that you get that perfect look for your VoD site! Not happy with the available templates? Not a worry, our in-house designing team at a very minimal pricing could create a customized design for you if you are looking to stand out!
  1. Support more Video Formats: Now upload your video content in MP4, MKV or MOV formats. We will encode the content for different devices and Internet speed. This gives you the freedom of uploading the video in the highest quality and resolution at your end, without having to worry about slow internet speed and device type at the viewers end, Muvi takes care of all the encoding for you. Now go truly multi-platform!
  1. Sort Feature For Your Content: Now categorize your content like channels and provide your viewers a breathtaking experience in video streaming. Upload and sort content in categories like movies, TV shows, short format videos etc and name & sort the category yourself.
  1. Flexible Subscription & Free Trial Plans: Now you have the freedom of deciding to offer a free trial to your viewers before they purchase a subscription plan on your VoD site, along with the freedom of setting up the time period of your free trial, whether it is 1 day, 7 days, 14 days or 1 month. Not only that your subscription plans (SVoD Options) are also now flexible to Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly giving the power to you to decide your own revenue model! You can control all of this from within your Muvi Admin’s Subscription settings.

The team at Muvi works towards keeping you ahead of the competition by the constant roll out of such and many more new features and updates (FREE OF COST) to your Muvi powered VoD Platform and the recent additions are just the tip of the iceberg. Watch this space for more new features we’ve been working on for you.

Written by: Roshan Dwivedi

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