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How to Create and Launch a FAST Channel?

Ankit Jena Published on : 17 October 2022
launch a FAST channel


If you are planning to start your OTT business, FAST would be an ideal entry for you. With rapid adoption of FAST in the OTT industry, it has become an ideal model for several streaming media business owners. It has low setup costs, provides global reach and offers enhanced revenue streams. Over the past few years, the SVOD market has become fragmented and content distributors are searching for a new and opportune market of consumers who want to view contents but without paying for any subscription fees. Launching a FAST channel is a great way to boost customer base and enhance engagement. 


What Are FAST Channels and Why Should You Care About It?

FAST is the acronym of Free-Ad Supported Streaming Television. FAST includes streaming of linear TV programs without paying for the subscription. It is nothing but the traditional TV contents streamed over internet connected devices like CTV.

FAST is an extended concept of AVOD. AVOD has been around for years now and FAST extends the services of Ad-supported video content, utilizing dynamically inserted ads to offer linear channels to connected devices.

FAST widen the reach of your library and help you build a huge subscriber base due to enhanced user experiences that come as a result of personal content. Maximum content distributors are utilizing their older libraries to create niche FAST channels to boost their revenue and drive subscription to more premium contents. Let’s dive down to find out the tips to launch a FAST channel. 

Learn more about what is FAST channel and what is its future.


Launch a FAST channel


How to launch a FAST Channel? – 5 Vital Steps that you must know 


Content – Collective and Organized

Your first and foremost task while creating a FAST channel is making sure that you have a collection of all genres contents that are arranged properly. It helps reduce churn rate and retain consumers for a longer period. Not having enough variety of content is one of the prime reasons people cancel their subscription. Recently Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime saw a huge drop in subscription due to the absence of collective contents. So, make sure you have a huge content library with quality contents. Contents should have the potential of attracting the audiences and make them return once the Ad break is over. A collection of thematic contents will do the work and particularly, if you have great recognizable titles for your content to entice a captive audience group that is already acquainted with them.


Choose a streaming software wisely

Choosing the ideal streaming software to launch a FAST channel is the second most vital step of the process. Before choosing a streaming platform, you must run a complete check of the features and offerings that a business provides. It doesn’t matter how vast or efficient your content library is, a tech partner is essential to stream your contents to your audience.

Muvi is the World’s best and easy-to-use OTT Platform which allows you to launch White Label Multi-Device OTT streaming & Video Streaming Platforms, offering Video on Demand (VOD) and Live Streaming services. Muvi is built on a customizable framework which makes it easy to integrate with almost all third-party platforms, tools and services currently present in the industry. API and SDK kit can get it integrated with Muvi to work for your platform!


What type of FAST channel you want to launch

Delivering content in a linear format is more than just putting together your present VOD library. You need to decide the type of contents, audience, relevance of the content, etc. Decision fatigue is the major reason for the rise in FAST content delivery. You can follow the traditional linear broadcast model by scheduling your content and delivering it in an Electric Program Guide (EPG). You can also loop your content from 1 to 24 hours using our web-based playlist interface.



Making money from the content without charging a single penny to your end-users – that’s the name of the game with FAST channels. FAST channel gives you a great opportunity to generate a higher CPM from advertising as compared to traditional broadcast TV. CPM is described as the amount you get paid per 1,000 ad views and is commonly referred to as IMPRESSION in the Ads industry. Server-Side Ad Insertion is the primary factor that can help you make a higher CPM. It offers your audience with targeted and relevant advertising that can’t be skipped. You can even set a minimum price for CPM to advertise on your channel, and sit back and watch the advertisers bid against each other for a slot.



Making your FAST channel available on the platform or device that your audience prefers creates a wonderful experience for your viewers. However, you always need to measure and improve your performance by collecting and checking the data analytics to understand if the strategy is working right for you or not. Muvi allows you to find out the real performance of each video as well as audio enabling you to continuously reinforce your content. With Analytics, discover which content is driving more views and stickiness for your platform, higher engagement to your business!



Creating and Launching your FAST channel provides an additional revenue stream and reduces decision fatigue. The FAST market is on rise and has given birth to several FAST service providers globally. If you are looking forward to setting up and launching a FAST service, consider choosing Muvi as your platform service provider. Muvi allows you to launch customizable Multi-Device streaming Platforms. Take a free trial to explore the most talked-about features of Muvi! 


launch a FAST Channel

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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