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Innovation & Localisation Key To Content Growth For OTT & SVOD 18 January 2016

Even in a TV world with hyper choice, original concepts and local creativity will be critical to boosting TV and Web production, says Eurodata’s annual International TV Trends Report. The data for 2015 found that more than 8,500 new TV … Continue reading

SVOD TV Shows Numbers Are Out 15 January 2016

A question that the TV industry has been musing, and fretting over, for quite a while is ‘How many people are actually watching shows on Subscription Video On Demand?’ There is constant talk of the landscape changing and audiences getting … Continue reading

Only 23% Indians Ready To Pay For Online Video, Finds Vuclip 14 January 2016

Downloads via torrent are dominant in India as compared to download through other subscription based OTT platforms, according to a Global Video Insights Report by Vuclip, which says that only 23% Indians have shown the propensity to pay for video … Continue reading

Survey Claims Malaysians View Mobile Videos Primarily At Home 14 January 2016

Over-the-top (OTT) video-on-demand (VOD) is on the rise worldwide, heralded by Netflix, which recently launched its service in 130 countries. Of the features that define an OTT content player, a survey of 500 Malaysians revealed that they consider the top four … Continue reading

Survey Claims TV Dollars Moving to Digital 12 January 2016

Despite what appears to be a hot scatter market for television commercials, media buyers say that the shift of advertising dollars from TV to digital is accelerating, according to a new Wall Street research report. Cowen & Co. surveyed about … Continue reading

Mobile Devices Now Favorites For Paid OTT Content 12 January 2016

Mobile devices are the most popular options for watching paid OTT TV platform content, according to a Paywizard survey. The survey found that 66 per cent of global consumers prefer to access internet TV via a mobile, tablet or laptop. … Continue reading

Broadband & OTT Improve, Pay TV Slumps As Per Pew Study 08 January 2016

The “Home Broadband 2015” report revealed that 15% of US adults abandoned cable and satellite TV services, becoming cord-cutters while 9% of US adults admitted to having never subscribed to a cable or satellite service. That means that in 2015 … Continue reading

Now CRTC Wants To Regulate OTT Video Services In 2016 04 January 2016

One of the big technology questions heading into 2016 will be: What is television? Equally poignant for a growing number of consumers will be: What is a television complaint, and who do I send it to? Video on demand streaming services … Continue reading

Defining Digital Media Trends In 2016 04 January 2016

Unlike the mega-M&A that dominated digital media in 2014 (Disney/Maker Studios, Apple/Beats Music, Facebook/Oculus), one story dominated digital media in 2015: Netflix and an increasing number of premium content-focused over-the-top video services ascended and accelerated the unbundling of decades-old pay … Continue reading

ACSI Report Finds Americans Hate Their TV Providers 01 January 2016

Cable, phone and Internet providers are among the most disliked companies by customers, with Comcast being tied for second-to-last among all major companies for consumer satisfaction. That’s according to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) year-end report, which analyzed how … Continue reading