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Take your Film Festival Online with Muvi’s Streaming Platform

Mousumi Rana Published on : 25 September 2020
Online Film Festival Streaming


It’s that season of the year when film festivity ramps up with red carpets, elegant gowns and cameras flashing everywhere! This time around, you are busy curating film catalogs, lining up premieres, hosting forums, workshops, and panels for the annual get-together of the global film community. Not to forget the after-party that brings thousands of artistic strangers and friends to celebrate cinematic diversity. 

Well, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced film festival communities to postpone or cancel the events. But, you don’t necessarily have to do that! Rather you can give everyone a front row seat by having your own Film Festival Streaming Platform. 

Here, we will guide you how to have your Online film festival through a video streaming platform. 

So, to start with, you need to


  • Choose video content delivery method

To take your film festival online, you first need to select the way you want to deliver your content from the options mentioned below:

  1. On- Demand Streaming
  2. Live Streaming
On-Demand Streaming

This method is more of a Netflix- styled video streaming where your participants and audience can stream the movies that would be premiered in your film festival. To most of your audience, this will be a more familiar option since many people now regularly use on-demand streaming services. With a video streaming platform that has an Adaptive Bitrate-enabled online video player, your viewers can uninterruptedly stream video content even with bad internet connectivity.

To know more about Adaptive Bitrate, check out our blog on “Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: Simplified for One & All here!

Major distributors also are more comfortable with streaming films via On-demand platforms supporting DRM Encryption. This provides an additional layer of security to their film content from piracy.

This method also gives your distributors the perks to enable geo-blocking certain films so that only people from specific geographic locations can view. 

Live Streaming

Film festival is a unique collaboration of art, audience, and place that is set to excite, engage, and entertain. However, crowded and closed places and close-range conversations are not in the best interest of public health amid the pandemic. 

Hence, to recreate a Film Festival in a virtual setup, you would need to bring out the live-ness yet eliminate the social interaction. And live streaming your film festival can be your choice here. 

You can introduce the films and interact with the filmmakers in a live chat where your audience can also ask their questions, giving pretty much a real theater-like experience. 


  • Create Website and Apps

Once you have decided the way you want to deliver your film festival content, you can then go for creating a dedicated Film Festival website, apps or both. For this, you need to sign up with an end-to-end streaming platform.

With such a platform, you can deploy your Film Festival Streaming apps and website instantly. You can submit all the necessary details and get your account set up and previewed in just few minutes.

You can get your exclusive Film Festival App for streaming devices like Apple TV, Smart TV, Roku App, and more. 


  • Customize your Website and App

Every film festival reflects its own vibe with the curated catalogues of films, cultural events, and projects with a unique creative impression. You can bring out the festivity feeling that is specific to your event through the look and feel of your streaming service.. 

For this, you need to use a template that gives your film festival streaming service an aesthetics that aligns with your brand persona. You can customize your website and add a logo and banner to have it completely white-labelled

Having a powerful visual designer will help you bring in any aesthetic enhancements here. 


  • Upload or Broadcast your Content

Once you are done with all the customizations, you can then proceed to upload all curated films that will be premiered in your online film festival service. You can choose to upload a single video file at a time or upload all the content together directly from your personal computer. 

In case you want to upload your content from 3rd party cloud drivers, an end-to-end streaming platform like Muvi supporting multiple import options can help you there. 

On the other hand, when live streaming your film festival, you would be able to broadcast the entire event with a single tap on your dedicated app.

To know how to livestream your event better, check out our blog on “Stream like a Pro: Ways you can boost Live Streaming Viewership“! 


  • Set Monetization Model

Generally, not everyone gets an invitation or ticket to a film festival, let alone a front row seat. However, you can enable public screening of your curated films for your viewers all across the globe. And yes, you sure can monetize all your content, to support new artists, filmmakers and professionals in your community. 

With multiple monetization models available, you can monetize all the content the way you want. A Subscription(SVOD) model will enable the viewers to pay for their subscription to your film festival stream

You can use Pay per View(PPV) monetization model for selected films, whereas the Video Ad-Supported(AVOD) model will help you monetize individual content further if you would like to promote ads of your sponsors. 

[Muvi also supports Hybrid, crowdfunding as well as donations too.]


  • Make your content recognized with Multilingual Subtitles

When your film festival streaming service showcases films, documentaries, music, and comedy created by filmmakers across the globe, you can expand your reach to a global audience.

With a platform like Muvi, you can add multilingual subtitles for all your curated films that are set to be premiered on your virtual film festival. 

Most importantly, your audience, who otherwise had to travel to your venue, can avoid doing so amid the pandemic and watch the streaming in real-time!


  • Announce your Online Presence and Go Live

When you are all set with the above steps, it’s time to announce to the world that you are not cancelling your film festival. Rather you are rolling out a more expansive digital version of it!

You can start by promoting your film festival streaming service on social media which would grab your audience’s attention. Emails and text messages can also help you spread the news. 

Ensuring social safety, you are now set to go live with your exclusive Film Festival Streaming Service.

So, there you go! 

Your Film Festival Streaming service is ready to keep you hustling and your audience gearing up for the ovation at the curtain call of every film premiere with you. 

Take our 14 Days-Free Trial to get started!



Written by: Mousumi Rana

Mousumi is a Content Marketer for Muvi. She is passionate about writing corporate blogs, articles, case studies, and marketing collaterals. When not working, she loves to dance, gym, and explore new places.

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