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Top 5 Features your Video Streaming Platform should Offer 15 February 2021


With so many mushrooming video streaming services in the market, it often becomes a difficult choice to decide the appropriate video streaming platform for your business. From personalizing your online store to securing your valued content, here are the most prioritized features you would need to keep in mind while launching your video streaming website/app.


1. Customize your Video Streaming Platform


Customization is one of the most important features a professional video streaming platform requires. From designing the look and feel of your online video platform to integrating a necessary payment gateway, with Muvi your requests for customization is limitless! 

Take the example of one of our customers, Bonnier Publications. Bonnier needed a streaming solution which could embed articles and blogs on their video content- a unique customization less heard of. Muvi believed in the vision of Bonnier and although a standard Muvi platform does not support the integration of articles and blogs, we specifically designed and custom-developed the functionalities.

For more details as to how Muvi helped Bonnier customize their unique streaming platform, read our case study Muvi’s Customizable Streaming Platform Turns Bonnier Publications’ OTT Vision into Reality.

If you really want your video streaming platform to stand out, you have to customize your online video platform. So opt for a video streaming platform provider that would take care of your customization requirements seriously and deliver a tailor-made video streaming website/app. 

Muvi supports much more than what you expect, including an array of payment gateways, registration modules, subscription and billing engine, and analytics & marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Omniture, MailChimp, Tune, etc.


2. Transparent Pricing Policy


When it comes to selecting a video hosting platform, price becomes an equally important factor for many broadcasters. With close competition between live streaming/on-demand platforms, content owners generally want to settle in for the best quality at low prices.

Well, there are many video streaming platform providers out there but what makes Muvi stand out amongst all is the transparent pricing policy. We have no hidden fees and the pricing plans are divided into four levels- each with a distinct table mentioning the necessary parameters and add ons in a simple way. Also, we have a separate page for infra fees where you clearly get to see the fee each plan offers for storage and bandwidth.


3. Visual Designer


The first thing that strikes out in a video streaming platform is the visual aspect of your website- the look, feel and compelling UX/UI of your website instantly attracts viewers. This is the magic created by a powerful visual designer, Muvi’s unique feature that allows platform owners to make instant edits to their website and update them. This makes up a dynamic and responsive environment that makes it convenient to edit the visual aspects on your streaming site instantly.

Muvi’s influential visual designer helped one of our customers, Twisted Mirror to make cosmetic changes on the website without digging through javascript and other technicalities. Infact, Co-Director of the company, Erol Mustafov enlists visual designer as one of his most favourite features. The result- a strikingly brilliant website with a clean UI that radiates pure class.

Download Case Study to explore how Muvi helped Twisted Mirror scale globally and deliver a flawless video streaming experience on both website and mobile.


4. Multiple Monetization Models


For an enterprise video streaming platform Video monetization is one of the most important features. Professional video platforms have multiple content monetization methods including subscriptions, ad-based and PPV. You can pick the most suitable monetization method based on your business requirements. 

Muvi lets you monetize your content through subscriptions, ads, PPV and even using a unique method like donation monetization! For more information check out Multiple Monetizations.


5. Video Security Features


The most crucial aspect of owning a video streaming platform is protecting the exclusive intellectual property of your online store- the content. Streaming professionals spend a lot of time, money and effort in creating exclusive videos/content and therefore video security becomes a key area of concern. Undoubtedly, a professional video streaming platform like Muvi is equipped with tight security like access control, encrypted streaming, watermarking, password protection, DRM, domain control, etc that protects your exclusive content from the prying eyes of hackers. 

To know more about how encrypted streaming works, read our blog What is Encrypted Video Streaming and How it Works?

Muvi is equipped with security features that help us protect your platform and media assets and your users from various security threats. Muvi’s studio-approved DRM keeps your content insulated even from the mode of piracy that is often considered irrepressible i.e. screen recording.

Suggested Read: Addressing Cloud Security: Why is it Important?


Wrapping Up,

We hope this blog has helped you in making an informed decision about choosing the most appropriate video streaming platform provider for your online video streaming business. Just remember- you have to devote some time and compare the price, reliability, and other important features before committing to a streaming service. 

Try Muvi by taking a 14-day Free Trial and get more clarity in your decision! 

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Sreejata Basu
Sreejata is Senior Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. She is a passionate writer with a background in English Literature and music. By week Sreejata spends her time in the corporate world of Muvi, but on weekends she likes to take short hiking trips, watch movies and read interesting travelogues.

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