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7 Reasons to Migrate to a Cloud Streaming Platform

Ankit Jena Published on : 25 November 2022
Migrate to a Cloud Streaming Platform


With many features and benefits offered by a cloud streaming platform, a greater number of video producers and content distributors are choosing to migrate to a cloud streaming platform. Cloud streaming platforms provide the most reliable, secure, and scalable method of streaming contents online to a wider group of audience. The professional video hosting infrastructure allows brands to qualitatively focus on publishing good video content without any technical challenges in between.

A cloud-based streaming solution is less expensive, more secure and increases efficiency of publishing quality contents. With cloud infrastructure, video publishers could quickly scale up with a variety of resolutions and this outputs a higher quality streaming experience for your audience.


Why will businesses have to approach cloud-based streaming solutions?



Cloud-based streaming solutions are low in cost. It includes less development and IT management required for your team. It eradicates the need of creating your own cluster of servers for scaling.


Lower Total Cost of ownership

A cloud streaming solution needs less server maintenance and fewer hardware requirements. It provides you with decreased operating expenses and helps you convert to a capital expense model of business instead. You need to only pay for what you need with SaaS.



SaaS providers uphold current security regulations and standards with built-in protection and eliminate the requirement of building your own security solution.


Migrate to a Cloud Streaming Platform


7 Reasons to Migrate to a Cloud Streaming Platform


Scalability of CDN

As a streaming business owner your first aim must be to scale up your streaming platform and that is only possible with potential spikes and surge in viewership. Since Muvi’s cloud-based streaming platform is built upon a CDN, it can deal with unpredictable demands in real-time and swiftly accommodate your scaling requirements. It allows building your own distribution plan with a CDN of your choice.

Muvi’s built-in CDN provides low latency video or audio content delivery to the end-users across the globe. Muvi is supported by Amazon Cloudfront that offers fast and secure delivery of streaming content for your platform. Muvi also detects the location where the end users are accessing content from and delivers content through AWS Cloudfront from a server or else node closest to the user’s location. This eliminates latency during content delivery as well as enhances the performance of your OTT streaming platform.  

Our CDN will monitor and adjust accordingly, allowing you to spend more time interacting with the audience or building revenue-generating features.


Easy Configuration of Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Muvi provides a great deal of flexibility. Our automatic creation of ABR files makes sure a seamless streaming event for the audience – no matter how fast or slow their network is or which device they are watching on. Adaptive bitrate streaming can also help minimize distribution costs. By restricting the bandwidth needed to deliver streams across a CDN, distributors optimize connectivity expenses.

The Online Video Player (OVP) has exclusive features such as Adaptive bitrate streaming skinnable interface, subtitles, dual audio, responsive design, cross-browser as well as cross-device compatibility, 4K Video Player, and an embed alternative that allows you to insert it and integrate with virtually any 3rd party website as well as mobile or TV apps!


Larger Bandwidth and Speed

Abundant bandwidth is highly essential for video streaming so that viewers won’t experience a buffering stream. One of the most essential benefits of streaming on cloud-based streaming solutions is that they usually provide a large amount of bandwidth for your scaling requirements as well as hi-definition streams. ABR (Adaptive Bitrate Streaming) helps you create multiple renditions of your source video and thus needs more bandwidth for distribution of your video. It is usually suggested to have at least twice the bandwidth of your source bitrate or else even higher for 4k resolutions.

Muvi provides a powerful advantage over securing enough bandwidth through your local ISP (internet service provider) or potentially dealing with unhappy audiences because you could not provide the stream quality they expected. You will only pay for the bandwidth you use, which can potentially be a more cost-effective method.


Built-in Security

With Multi-DRM, Muvi guards video as well as audio content on your OTT platform against illicit usage as well as downloads.

DRM (Digital Rights Management) refers to the systems as well as tools that encrypt and protect copyrighted digital media assets from illegal access plus usage. Multi-DRM solution offers license management features for multiple DRM formats such as Widevine, PlayReady and FairPlay and allows you to deliver content strongly on browser, mobile devices, set-top box, and more.

With Muvi’s multi-DRM, you can securely subject your streaming service for subscription, video rental, lease, purchase, and download, along with making sure device security. You can also set up license, playback, and rental duration for your video or audio content on your OTT platform.

Building a robust as well as secure streaming solution can need a combination method for both on-premises servers and cloud-based aspects. Muvi can really save you a sizable amount of time. Configuring security through the UI or the Muvi REST API can be both straightforward and easy.

Other than DRM, we also secure your platform with:

  • SSL (publish and playback)
  • HTTPS streaming
  • DRM encryption
  • Token Authentication
  • IP Blocking/Allowing
  • User Authentication
  • Geo-blocking


Cost-effective Solution

We have already mentioned the benefits of using Muvi, however, it always depends upon your specific use case and streaming requirements. Some streaming businesses with more advanced security requirements or customization might discover streaming engines to be the better choice.

The most vital things to consider when choosing between on-prem or else cloud server are your resources and desired cost medal. With a cloud-based streaming solution, you can simplify your architecture and reduce the amount of time internal resources spend monitoring your streaming solution.

A Cloud streaming platform helps lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and permits you more time to build the streaming solutions your customer requirements. Some consumers have been able to save 30% or more on their streaming.

With minimal or negligible setup, fewer hardware requirements, and the alternative to pay for only what you need, Muvi can certainly be a cost-effective solution.


Analytics and Report

Analyzing the performance of your contents and scaling up the quality of your content is highly essential to sustain the cut-throat competition. Muvi One helps you analyze and track the performance of all your video and audio content and work on them to give your audience an enhanced streaming experience.

Muvi One Analytics and Reports helps you find out the real performance of each video and audio enabling you to uninterruptedly strengthen your content. With Analytics, find which content is driving more views as well as stickiness for your platform, higher engagement, and more revenue to your business!



Customization Flexibility

Customizing your platform and making it appealing and user-friendly could help you retain consumers for a longer period. Customizing your platform in such a way that makes it easy for your end-users to access their favorite content without much effort will help you hold consumers for a lifetime. Muvi gives you the complete liberty of customizing your platform the way you and your end-users will like. Starting from color, look and feel to the functionality, and integration with 3rd party tools to deep rooted API and SDK integrations Muvi supports it all. Customization features of a cloud streaming platform helps your platform stand-out from the crowd.



There are plenty of reasons to migrate to a cloud streaming platform from an on-premise streaming. It saves time and helps you earn more revenue with minimal expenditure. 


Book Your Calendar With our Experts

Book your calendar and consult with our experts to find out each step and evaluate the process of migrating to Muvi. Our experts will help you understand how migrating to Muvi’s cloud streaming solution is beneficial for you and how it is going to help you in the long run. Take a free trial to explore our awesome features.

migrate to a Cloud Streaming Platform

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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