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Role of Notification System in E-commerce

Ishita Banik Published on : 23 July 2021
The role of notification system in e-commerce


How often do you check your message or email box? If not so frequently, I would insist you to check it once and come back!

Great! So, what did you find there? Besides the plethora of notifications, you must have found texts, mails and maybe WhatsApp updates too regarding discounts, ongoing sales, exclusive coupons etc. from e-commerce websites you may have signed up for.  This is exactly what a product notification engine or notification system does for an e-commerce platform.

While some of you may be curious to know how it works? We must first try and understand its role in e-commerce stores before you adopt one for your own business. So, let’s start with the basics, ‘What a notification system really means?’


What is a Notification System?

A notification management system or notification system triggers and manages multi-channel notifications through WhatsApp, emails, SMS etc. 

For Example:

A Sign up notification via SMS after registering in an OTT platform, SMS and email notifications updating about discounts and ongoing sales in e-commerce stores, email notifications updating about the hotel booking status, WhatsApp notification reminding the booked salon or spa services, and many more!

Here, sign up, new discounts, booking spa service etc. are various events. And a notification engine lets you trigger event-based notifications through various channels. The result is – every time an event takes place or is about to take place, the customers get instant notifications!


What is the Role of Notification Engine in E-commerce?

Notification engines are extensively used by e-commerce platforms to provide multiple solutions. Let’s look at a few!


  • Abandoned Carts are No More a Big Deal!

Have you ever added products to an online shopping cart but didn’t check out? You must have! We often do that while browsing through multiple e-shopping websites. And these carts are called abandoned carts, about which you often forget later!

Now, the job of a notification system  is to remind the users about their abandoned carts through single or multi-channel notifications such as SMS, emails etc. As a result, there will be higher chances of customers buying their cart products instead of forgetting them forever!


  • Notifying About Personalized Offers – Easier than Ever!

Did you know, providing personalized offers increases the chances of purchasing significantly? As per the statistics revealed by SmarterHQ, 72% of consumers say that they prefer to engage with personalized notifications. And a notification engine makes this possible effortlessly!

A majority of the leading e-commerce stores utilize notification management systems to notify about various personalized offers, like special discounts on the customers’ birthdays, exclusive coupons on the sign up anniversaries, additional discounts on the wishlisted products etc. No doubt that this encourages impulsive buying and improves the multi-channel customer engagement.




  • Greater Product Discovery

For an e-commerce store it is of utmost importance to let the customers know about the newly arrived products. With a notification system, you can easily trigger multi-channel notifications to update your customers about such products. 

You can also trigger notifications based on the product type or categorize them based on your customers’ preferences. So that whenever any similar category products are introduced, your customers get instant notifications!

Example: The e-commerce store owner ‘X’ has triggered notifications through SMS, for the newly arrived dresses and shoes based on the customers’ wishlisted products.

As a result, the end-users who have wishlisted shoes, will get instant SMS notifications whenever some new shoes arrive!

Similarly, other customers who have wishlisted dresses of their choice will get notified via SMS whenever new dresses arrive.


  • Bulk Notifications to Target Wider Audience

Bulk notification is a highly sought-after feature in any notification engine. E-commerce stores are striving to improve their customer engagement and maximize their reach to a wider audience. Bulk notification makes this easier by helping you reach out and notify a larger customer base in no time!

These notifications can be personalized too. With quality notification system, one can personalize name, d.o.b, joining date etc. for each of the users by declaring variables in the easiest ways. So, no more turning off your customers by a vague ‘dear customer’ in the notifications!


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  • Instant Notifications for Flash Sales!

If you run an e-commerce store or are an online seller, you already know that flash sales are a great way to attract customers and increase sales in a short span of time. But what’s the point if a majority of your customers remain unaware about this?! This is why you need to send instant notifications to your customers through their preferred communication channels. You can decide beforehand on –

  • Before how long are you going to notify your customers? It is a good idea to notify them before several days or weeks as well as prior a day or few hours before the flash sale starts.
  • Which communication channels are you targeting? A little bit of research, and you will have a clear idea which will be the best fit for your customers – emails, WhatsApp, SMS, or any other ?
  • The content of the notification

With everything in place, the notification system will let you trigger notifications accordingly! 


  • Segregating and Managing Audience Lists

In order to cater to the customer demands, you must also know their preferences. As the customer preferences vary based on age, location, individual choices etc., it is a great practice to segregate them and create separate audience lists. The top-rated notification systems have this feature in-built! This also allows you to manage these lists easily so that there are no outdated contacts, or information regarding your customers.


  • Enhancing Customer Experience

To improve your customer experience, staying connected with them is not enough. You need to notify them on various events for better transparency and business credibility.

For instance, after every order placement you should notify them about the order status- packed, ready to ship, shipped, or delivered. Similarly, for return or exchange, your customers need to get notified timely. These altogether help in improving the customer experience for any e-commerce store.


Introducing Notification Engine Konviare

Muvi notification engine Konviare is a great fit for not only e-commerce stores but any online platform. It lets you trigger & manage multi-channel notifications through a single dashboard with zero need for coding!

You can take a 14-day free trial with 100 notifications completely free (no need for credit cards)!



Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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