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Videotize Your Business and Increase Conversions 06 March 2020

Use video marketing for your business


When marketing trends keep going out with the old and in with the new, you as a marketer, cannot always expect conventional strategies to give you a competitive advantage, especially when there are competitors vying for your customers’ attention.

The new age “always-on-the-go” lifestyle has made consumers to mostly prefer watching a video than to read any text for information. If we look closely, there has been a significant drift of consumers towards audio/video streaming platforms in recent years. Be it streaming a video instead of downloading or watching an explainer video instead of reading a tedious “How to” article?

And this has resulted in brands realizing the business potential of OTT platforms.


If Your Business is not into Video Marketing yet, You’re Not Paying attention!


Make Your Brand Visible & Audible

Videos and podcasts have a way of fostering engaging business communications. According to research, an average person is estimated to spend around 100 minutes watching videos every day. When you know how influencing videos are on viewers, you must make the best use of them for marketing your business. You can start by making your brand more visible with impactful storytelling. You can connect with your prospects and leads on a personal level through custom messages and streamline your business decisions.


How Muvi Helps?

Muvi provides you with a white-labeled video streaming platform where you can flaunt your logo and your customers won’t find a trace of Muvi anywhere. You can stream videos about your brand story, corporate strategy, business vision and mission and more. Build your own video streaming platform and help your brand shine in the competitive market and connect on a more human level.

Know how US-based Branding & Advertising company, Brandpreneur, grew its client base by 160% with Video marketing.


Explain Your Products Better with Video

Customers care for each penny they spend. So, is your product demo worth their time and money? Be it eCommerce, SaaS or fashion retail, leave a strong mark on the audience’s mind that results in a quicker purchase.


How Muvi Helps?

Muvi provides a customizable video platform wherein you can not only stream product explainer videos on your website or app but also you can put subtitles and captions for Non-English demography. Checkout Muvi’s powerful Online Video Player.


Generate More Leads

Long-form collaterals, flashy presentations fades in front of persuasive videos and a good 15-minutes podcast. From your business website to the product landing pages, embedding informational videos or sales podcast does wonder to your pre-sales activities.


How Muvi Helps?

Muvi provides both on-demand and live streaming options to market your business. Got a sound bunch of video assets? Easily upload in bulk, encode fast and stream seamlessly across your website and app. Muvi’s studio podcasting solution offers you faster go-to-market than any others yielding desired marketing traction for sustainable business growth.


Boost Conversion Rate

According to research, viewers who watch product videos are 1.6 times more likely to purchase products or services. Video on a landing page can get you almost 80% more conversions for your business.


How Muvi Helps?

Checkout Muvi’s powerful WordPress plugin that has been recently released and is quite a rage among website owners. If you have a website built on WordPress and a lot of videos in your kitty, build your store with Muvi (Basic plan starts from $399), download Muvi Media Connect (WordPress plugin)and manage your media file right from WordPress without having to juggle between the two. Make your website more interactive with embedded videos/audios and deliver seamlessly via multiple CDN across the globe.


Video eCommerce

What can be a smarter way to sell your products than having your eCommerce site and video streaming platform together? From product detailing to user experience videos, you can videotize the product demonstration part thereby significantly influence the buying decision of visitors.


How Muvi Helps?

Muvi’s eCommerce functionalities like in-player Call to Action, interactive product video gallery, powerful product recommender system (Alie), and shareable product podcast and videos can amp up your sales and most importantly user engagement. Also, if you want to foray into the eCommerce space and believe in the idea of video-powered marketing, checkout Muvi Kart, which offers you all the eCommerce features with in-built video functionalities.


Live Stream Business Events

Even Apple does it? Isn’t it? When Apple launches its iPhone event, the world halts for a while. That is the power of live streaming. When done and done correctly, live streaming as per research is the most powerful model of communication that explores various business possibilities, builds stronger “brand-customer” connect and inculcate trust factor that later culminates into brand evangelism.


How Muvi Helps?

Muvi helps in end-to-end low-latency live streaming of your business event, product launches, corporate meets, market campaigns, backstage moments, etc. with out-of-the-box features including HTML5 player, adaptive streaming, peer-to-peer live streaming, et al. Muvi provides you with a complete “Do-It-Yourself” live streaming solution for a brand-safe live streaming experience with an additional option of video monetization too.

As a marketer, all you look for is a tailored marketing strategy that is unique to your brand. This is exactly where Muvi caters to your requirements and offers you a completely customized, end-to-end audio/video streaming platform.

Build your company’s streaming channel today. Sign up for Free.

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Mousumi Rana
Mousumi is a Content Marketer for Muvi. She is passionate about writing corporate blogs, articles, case studies, and marketing collaterals. When not working, she loves to dance, gym, and explore new places.

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