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Your Platform, Your Way, Unique and Different

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Completely customize your platform, the way you like it, from basic colors to complete look and feel, from minor tweaks to requesting new features, from integration with 3rd party tools to deep rooted API and SDK integrations, Muvi supports it all.

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  • Customize Look and Feel
  • Integrate with Third Party Tools
  • Request Custom Features
  • Request Custom Features

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Your Design, Your Style


Muvi supports complete design customizations, not only for the website but also for the Mobile and TV Apps. So, when you launch your OTT platform with Muvi you can either customize the design yourself or our design team can help you develop a completely new design which aligns with your corporate theme or a concept of your choice. With this customized design, your platform shall stand out unique.


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ANY Customizations


With Muvi, you can expect your OTT platform to be delivered the way you like. When it comes to customizations there are literally no limits. You can modify existing features, request new ones to suit your business needs, integrate with 3rd party tools and platforms, and a lot more. Muvi supports much more than what you expect, including an array of payment gateways, registration modules, subscription and billing engine, and analytics & marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Omniture, MailChimp, Tune, etc.

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Integrate with Third Party Tools

Muvi comes pre-integrated with tens of 3rd party tools, software, and services such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, SpotX, YuMe, DoubleClick, PayPal, Stripe,, WorldPay, etc.

If there is a tool besides these that you want on your OTT platform to be integrated with, Muvi team can do so on request. With such options to integrate with a wide range of tools, you can enhance the capabilities of your OTT platform and take it to the next level.

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Our partnership with Muvi has been great. The software leaves you empowered as it is flexible and customizable. It provided that competitive edge to our platform over our peers something we had always wanted.

Yamilka A, Vice President, Cmax Media Group LLC

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