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Muvi simplifies the creation of both on-demand and live-streaming platforms, much like the successful AVO TV. It caters to a wide range of users, whether you’re a media company, content creator, or a business looking to enter the Live TV or FAST TV arena. Setting up a live TV platform with Muvi is effortless. You can seamlessly blend live content with on-demand offerings. The best part? You don’t need any coding expertise.

Personalize Your Live TV Platform with Visual Designer and Craft an Experience Like AVO TV.


Build a visually appealing Live TV platform like AVO TV using our advanced visual designer. Tailored for both beginners and established brands, our suite offers engaging features and standout visual templates. Crafting a platform that truly reflects your vision has never been easier.




Stunning Templates

Beautiful visual templates to take your audio streaming platform to the next level.

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Visual Designer

Customize our pre-built templates and build what you desire in just a few steps with easy drag and drop options.

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Time to Embark on Your Live TV Journey

Time to Embark on Your Live TV Journey

Launch your own live TV service, just like AVO TV in hours not days.

Comprehensive Infrastructure for launching a Live TV Platform like Avo TV

Muvi provides all the necessary tools and features for a smooth and engaging Live TV experience. Whether it's real-time broadcasting, interactive events, or scheduled programming, Muvi has you covered.

This versatility means you can transform your ideas into reality, creating a space where viewers can enjoy both live and on-demand content with ease. In the ever-evolving world of streaming, Muvi serves as your all-in-one solution, ensuring your platform thrives and captivates audiences. Start your journey with Muvi today and redefine the streaming landscape.

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Linear TV

Offer continuous 24/7 live streams on various platforms, ensuring a flexible and dynamic TV channel experience for your audience.

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Drag & Drop Scheduler

Use the intuitive drag-and-drop scheduler to efficiently schedule your content, eliminating the need for tedious manual time entries.

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HLS Output

Deliver a superior quality linear feed in the universally compatible HLS format, ensuring smooth streaming across a multitude of platforms and devices.

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Provide a live service free to viewers, and generate revenue through the ad-supported FAST streaming model.

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Security & DRM

Ensure the utmost protection for your live streams with an inbuilt DRM system, keeping your content secure from potential threats.

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Encoding & Transcoding

Automatically encode and transcode videos for swift delivery, ensuring a smooth streaming experience for your viewers.


Incredible streaming experience delivered on every screen

  • 16+ Ecosystems
  • Native mobile & TV OTT apps
  • No code
  • White-labeled
  • 1-Click deployment
Incredible streaming

Launch OTT apps across 16+ platforms


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