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5 building blocks without which you cannot develop an eLearning Platform

Rakesh Ranjan Published on : 26 April 2019
5 building blocks without which you cannot develop an eLearning Platform

Nowadays, learning is no longer restricted within the physical limitations of a classroom. High-quality videos and streaming platforms are helping 21st-century learners to take courses online and hence paving the way for comfortable learning from experts across geography making the world smaller and education beyond any boundary. The phenomenon quite popularly is known as eLearning.

As there are no time & place constraints in eLearning, online education is getting increasingly popular among students and working professionals. Given this trend, the demand for video streaming solutions supporting the comprehensiveness of an eLearning platform is rising like never before.

Many popular eLearning apps including Coursera, Adobe Captivate Prime, Udemy, Skillshare, and Udacity, understand the demand for high-quality content streaming and accordingly use professional solutions for distributing their educational videos & courses to users across the world.

Like them, if you also want to take your education & learning programs online and reach a wider audience, first you have to get a dedicated streaming server with all the necessary amenities.

The eLearning platform is although more or less a video streaming platform, it requires features such as smooth interface, self-paced courses, assessment and analytics, gamification, etc. which are vital and inevitable for running an e-learning business.

However, understanding & selecting a well-engineered video streaming platform for eLearning can be very confusing, especially if you don’t have core technical knowledge. Well, keeping that in mind, our goal here is to help you make an informed decision about choosing a platform that’s fully suitable for starting the eLearning business.


Configuration of Online Video Platform for eLearning

As Video-based eLearning services mainly involve video-on-demand content or live tutorial videos, it is essential to take care of the platform’s configuration accordingly. A good eLearning platform is marked by its interactiveness and ability to engage users within the platform. Else, with so much competition around, your platform will lose the steam quickly.

So, here is the configuration to a perfect online video platform for eLearning. All these below-mentioned elements are highly necessary for streaming educational content over the internet.


Transcoder & Encoder

If you want users to stream your online courses seamlessly no matter what’s their internet speed and device’s screen size, then a transcoder is a must for your eLearning platform.

Once your videos are uploaded, a transcoder basically converts the online video files into different resolution versions for lower internet speed & screen sizes and ensures compatible streaming of videos without any interruption.

Not only transcoding, but you also need to integrate the encoding option to your platform. An encoder takes all your analog source content and simply converts them into digital format.

But the critical thing is, the encoding process is sometimes time-consuming and in case you have hundreds of courses to upload, you may experience longstanding encoding queues for sure. In fact, this is why we recommend choosing an advanced & faster encoding software into your platform.

Check out the Encoding & Transcoding features offered by Muvi.


CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Just like a video streaming website, your video-based eLearning platform also needs a content delivery network.

Basically, a CDN distributes your content to end-users with the utmost quality and eliminates the hassles of buffering or lagging. Especially, if you are offering ad-free paid eLearning solutions to your subscribers, then adopting a powerful CDN is a must for your platform.

Presently, AWS CloudFront CDN is the most advanced and recommended delivery network for online video streaming. You can configure the CDN as per your requirements, and can effectively enhance the quality of content delivery to all your users.

Take a look at the highlights of AWS CloudFront CDN offered by Muvi for eLearning platforms.


Native Mobile App

According to a recent survey, 80% of eLearning users prefer accessing educational videos on their mobile devices. The reason is pretty logical. On mobile devices, it is flexible to stream video content anytime and anyplace without many distractions.

The leading eLearning platforms appreciate the higher engagements on mobile devices and thus never delay to launch their own mobile applications.

The same fact goes for you too. If you want better engagements on your learning portal, you definitely need to launch your own mobile app. When learners will find it easy to access your courses on their preferred mobile devices, there will be a growth in your subscribers as well as revenue.

But just make sure, your mobile platform is white-labeled and you are not spending too much on the development.

[Muvi offers completely white-labeled native apps at a fraction of custom development’s cost]. Check here.


Analytics & Reporting

Analytics plays a key role in the eLearning industry. Without analytics & reporting, it’s really hard to beat the competition.

Let’s make it simple for you. Through analytics, you can track down the performance of all your courses at a minute level and understand which types of content are driving more engagements.

This will greatly help you in analyzing the user behaviors and accordingly, you can put more effort into creating better video content that the eLearners want.

Therefore, we recommend integrating a comprehensive analytics tool on your eLearning platform that will provide you every detail about revenue reports, content performance, user behavior, and more.

Do you know, in a customer survey, Analytics & Reporting feature was regarded as the most powerful feature in the Muvi’s eLearning platform?


Video Monetization

Lastly, let’s not forget that our primary objective here is to earn good revenue.

You need to keep this in mind that monetizing an eLearning platform is all about the right revenue model.

Depending on your user-engagements and subscriber’s flow, you should adopt a video monetization strategy that fits your platform requirements. Presently, the eLearning industry is using various monetization models including SVoD, TVoD, AVoD, and Freemium.

Although subscription-based monetization is highly preferred in the industry, you can always try out with the other models. Before choosing a payment model, do a thorough market research, find out which payment model your learners are compatible with, and accordingly integrate the suitable revenue strategy.

However, in the initial phase of your eLearning business, we recommend offering courses for free to gain good volume of interested learners. Also, you can use coupons and offer special discounts to your subscribers on specific occasions or just as per your wish.

[Avoid all the hassles and monetize your eLearning platform with Muvi’s multiple revenue models]


Get a comprehensive eLearning platform with built-in features

Integrating all these individual elements to an eLearning platform is essential. But remember, the process involves a lot of time as well as complications. You have to hire a dedicated technical team and invest your money on both technology & resources.

However, if you don’t want to experience so much of hassles in building your education-based streaming app, we strongly recommend you to opt for our ready-made portal with built-in, fully managed features.

By launching your eLearning service with Muvi’s ready-made platform, you can reach all of your users worldwide and deliver both on-demand educational videos & live streaming courses without any difficulties.

Also, with Muvi you can deploy 100% Native apps for Android, iOs, and other web environments at zero upfront investment.

So, what are you waiting for??

Sign up with Muvi now and spread your knowledge with people all across the globe.

Written by: Rakesh Ranjan

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